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Year of birth : 1969

Age: 46 years

Place of Birth : Flint, Michigan, USA

Citizenship : United StatesBiography

Founded in 1968, "Grand Funk Railroad" was the first American hard rock band that has achieved mass popularity, while rejecting many listeners and critics. The team consisted of guitarist Mark Farner (b. September 29, 1948, Flint, United States) , bassist Mel Shachera (b. April 3, 1951, ESIA, USA) and drummer Don Brewer (p. September 3, 1948, Flint, United States) . "Grand funk" was a side project in the middle of the popular `60s rock band in the vicinity of Michigan "Terry Knight And The Pack". Farner and Brewer were both members of the team (Brewer that is still played in the "Jazz Masters"). After the publication of an obscure label "Lucky Eleven" singles "I (Who Have Nothin)",which reached the 46 position in the US charts, a "Pack" joined Shacher, previously played in "? And The Mysterians".

From this point Knight scored his vocal performance and became the manager of the group, renaming it "Grand Funk Railroad". The new trio in 1969 signed a contract with "Capitol Records" and began to make a name for themselves immediately ,taking part in several large pop festivals. Their first singles fell into the charts, but "Grand Funk" soon proved its real strength and market landscape. "On Time" climbed to position 27 in 1969, and "Grand Funk Railroad" in 1970 was already in 11th place.

Grand funk railroad the summer of that year, the concerts were very popular group ,and their albums usually fall into the Top 10 for the next four years. Of these, the biggest success was the disc in 1973 "We`re An American Band", which became a bestseller and reached the 2 position in the charts. The huge success of the group is often attributed to a flurry of activity to find her manager. In 1970, Knight was rumored ,I paid a tidy sum for a huge billboard mounted on the famous New York "Times Square". This was done for the promotion of the album "Closer To Home", which later became their first hit in the Top 10, and the title track from this CD is constantly swirled in the air. That campaign had unpleasant reactions in the press,but the popularity of the team with the public continued to grow. In June 1971, for example, "Grand Funk Railroad" became the second team after "Beatles", filled the New York-based "Shea Stadium". Their records sold in large numbers despite the fact that many stations were ignored.

Live album in 1970, which reached the 5th position in the charts ,included Farner famous song "Mean Mistreater". The following year came album " Survival " and "E Pluribus Funk", famous for his "round" cover. In 1972 the group began dismantling with Knight ended near litigation about the division of millions of dollars. After that, the team manager was John Eastman ,Linda McCartney `s father.

Grand funk railroadV 1973 group shortened its name to "Grand Funk" and added to their ranks fourth member - keyboardist Craig Frost (born 20 April 1948, Flint, USA.) . With producer Todd Rundgren guys finally reached the top lines in the charts with his single "We`re An American Band".In 1974 processing "Little Eva" group composition - "The Loco-Motion" also reached the top of the charts (the first time in the history of American rock music a cover version reached or rather lines, which previously held the original). In 1975, the team`s popularity has decreased significantly, and the group returned to its original name "Grand Funk Railroad".The following year, the guys signed a contract with "MCA records" and recorded the album "Good Singin`, Good Playin`", produced by Frank Zappa. When this release failed to reach the Top 50, Farner moved into a solo career. Other members of the team stayed together and took to his guitarist Billy Elworthy ,changed the sign on the "Flint" and suffered a commercial failure, issuing only one album.

In the years 1981-83 "Grand Funk" revived as part of Farner, Brewer and bassist Dennis Bellinger, and the label "Full Moon" issued a pair of albums "Grand Funk Lives" and "What`s Funk?". But after suffering another setback to return to its former strength and beauty ,they broke up again. Farner returned to his solo career, and later joined the "Adrenalin". Brewer and Frost joined the "Silver Bullet Band" by Bob Seger. In 1997, the "Grand funk" again reunited and released a CD "Bosnia".

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