Goraciy Gincburg

Picture of Goraciy Gincburg

Age: 76

Place of birth: Zvenigorod

Citizenship: Russia


Start dynasty put the son of a rabbi of Vitebsk Evzel Ginzburg (1812-1878), who made his fortune, engaged in trade, and the mercy of wine.

After moving to the capital, he and his sons Horace and Uriem founded the banking house - "I. E. Ginzburg "with a branch in Paris. Thanks to contacts with the largest financiers of Europe (Ginzburgs themselves intermarried with the Rothschilds), Bank for th 1860 has become one of the largest in Russia.

In 1874, he was among the co-owners of Berezovsky gold-case with Colonel Astasheva VI, Count Shuvalov, and was a fellow manager Berezovsky case. Gunzburg held 100 shares of 400 of the company.

He was also an active participant in Miass VI Astasheva gold-mining business.

In addition, Ginzburgs were among the founders of the private commercial bank of Kiev, Odessa Discount Bank, owned sugar factory in Podolsk province. In 1892 the banking house Ginzburg hit the strip of deep crisis. The government refused to support the debt trapped in the bank and introduced him to the interim administration, Ginzburgs lost interest in the banking and switched to gold mining.

Horace Gunzburg was headed and then took control of the richest Lena Gold partnership. The baton was picked up Horace`s sons - Alexander, Alfred, Mr David. Under the control of the family clan, there were about a dozen large companies - mainly mining. After the shooting of the Lena in 1912 everything the board of the company resigned - thus ended the golden age of Gunzburg, in 1917, left Russia.

Horace Gunzburg - patron was well known for his charity work.