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Year of birth: 1999

Age: 16 years

Place of birth: New York, SShAGrazhdanstvo: USBiography

In the 21st century, from Kiev Eugene Hutz, established in New York, a new cultural phenomenon - a group of "Gogol Bordello".That now makes it `` Gogol Bordello "to the positive promotion of Ukraine in the world, comparable to the outstanding sporting achievements Klitschko brothers and Andriy Shevchenko.

The first album Gogol Bordello `` Voi- la Intruder`` was produced by Jim Sclavunos, member of the famous Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The album was sold in New York -York for two weeks.

The group has toured successfully in America and Europe. Their concerts are allocated sparkling energy and bright dramatized atmosphere gypsy camp.

Typically, the show lasts all night - after the concert continues circling Gudz public incendiary DJ setami.

year 2001.

Gogol Bordello became the first and only group, Which has acted with great success on the main American Biennale of Modern Art - "Whitney Museum". In July, 2001 -of Gogol Bordello give a grand concert with the legendary Manu Chao at the Central Park in New York. In the same year, "Colbert Foundation" (French Federation of patrons, the existing 250 years, in the past,are awarded by Cezanne and Van Gogh artists) and "New York Downtown Art Project" awarded Gogol Bordello award for his contribution to American culture. And the impact of their costumes to the trends in the fashion world, has been investigated and covered in works of American theorists podium.

2002. The second album Gogol Bordello `` Multi Kontra Culti vs.Irony `` got a whole heap of positive reviews in major music magazines in the world:. Billboard, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Interview, Paper, CJM, Style, etc. Critics have erected a group to the rank of new stars, wrote about them, that Gogol Bordello opened its new,unique style - an organic combination of the ethnic (including Ukrainian and East-European) cultures, punk drive and gypsy virtuoso manner of performing music.


Experienced Producer Kris Blackwell - pioneer Bob Marley, U2 and PJ Harvey, is preparing to release the third album on DVD, and a film about the group,whose script is being developed film company `` Palm Pictures ".June 28 the band plays a concert in Kiev as part of his European tour" Alcogolimpics ", after a concert at the famous Danish Roskilde- Festival, where in addition to Gogol Bordello this year appear Bjork, Blur, Cardigans, Gus-Gus, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Massive Attack,Junkie XL and other internationally renowned group.

Rolling Stone (may 2003) :

".... and In addition to the summer European tour, undeniably delightful SET at the prestigious London Tate Gallery."

Billboard (2002) :

"This one-of -a-kind musical experience, noisy prodolzheniyakotorogo, you will require. And besides,it`s not a polka band playing your parents. "

Interview (2002) :

"The biggest challenge for Gogol Bordello, Ukrainian- gypsy punk band - is the transfer of their unbridled concert experience on the disc This is almost an impossible task failed Their performances in the cabaret style, lived together with Romanian dancers,..Brazilian drummers and surreal theater Eugenia Gudz. This bold, funny and surprisingly successful experience. "The New York Times (2002) :

"Gogol Bordello - an unusual artist, but Mr. Hutz more unusual. ..

... The scene becomes clear the strength of his charisma. It makes fearless attacks,taken at the height of the risky stage equipment and theater performed satirical skits, in a variety of outfits, and without them. "

Rolling Stones (2002) :

"Ukrainian singer, Gypsy violinist, Israeli guitarist, drummer California, Israeli saxophonist and Russian accordionist go to the bar If Gogol Bordello,. -they`ll tear the place to pieces. "

L`Officiel (2003):

"The album is Gogol Bordello`` Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony`` rightly be counted among the masterpieces of modern Ukrainian culture. "

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