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Date of Birth: 10/19/1934

Age: 82

Place of birth: Pelotas

Citizenship: Brazil


In 1950, it was created TV Brazil, but only since 1963 television series became a national treasure, and it all started with the series "Ocupado" (long since defunct broadcaster "Excelsior") in which glittered Tarcisio Meira and Gloria Menezes.

They have long earned their fame and are considered to be leading lights of the world television series, they are accustomed to the fact that in the press discussing their every move, hundreds of fans lined up for them in a queue for autographs, even the most distant from the TV man knows all the details of their family life. And they consider it perfectly normal, so is it the burden of fame ..

Gloria Menezes was born in a wealthy family, her parents firmly belonged to the middle class and gave her daughter a good education, though the family Menezes dominated patriarchal mores and 17 years young Gloria was married to one of his many cousins. But the marriage imposed by her parents, did not last long and soon Gloria with two young children, went to Sao Paulo to study drama. The first success came to the Gloria, after filming the movie "O Pagador de Promessas", which won the Palme d`Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Encouraged by the success in the professional field, Gloria Menezes decides to radically change and his personal life, she takes the children away from her husband and moved into the house materi.A a few months later in her life appears Tarcisio Meira, with whom she was a married couple, couple which is called "perfect" and who admire the whole Brazil for more than 40 years.

This year, Gloria Menezes received another award for the theatrical play "Jornada de um Poema", to play 67 year-old actress plays a woman dying of cancer, for the role Gloria Menezes was not afraid to cut your hair shaved to produce a more realistic image.

And now the couple have started shooting a new TV show Globo "Kiss of the Vampire."

How do you dare to such a bold move, and took his head shaved nalyso.Kak feel about your loved ones?

G. "I spent almost two years with a haircut and have learned to ignore the surprised looks no vnimaniya.Kogda I decided to play in the play" Jornada de um Poema "I decided to get rid of anything that would prevent me from focusing on the image of a woman cancer patient and parted hair Tarsizio and children were ready for it, and a thousand times managed to present my new look, but certainly in the early days all felt real shok.Dazhe my maids saw me dumbfounded and said only: ". Oh, lord Glory ..." Then, now I see myself as the new Brazilian fashion trendsetter, because many actresses behind me decided to take this step ".

Do you think the audience waiting for you personally from something like that?

G. "I do not really care what the audience is waiting for me personally, it is important for the public image that they see on the stage. They live his life, he empathize, they admired. And if they think something like that about the actress Gloria Menezes , that is their business. After the performance, I take off the mask and feel like myself, I is the I and I go on to continue my life. "

So public opinion for you does not mean anything?

G. "You got it wrong. It is for me does not mean anything if it comes to my personality, my family, my character, when it does not apply to my work. When it comes to work, it`s different, the public opinion is very important for me, but still I am a professional and I know how to do better and give it im.I in the end I would not exist as an actor without an audience. Praise the Lord that in his early youth, I decided to choose a profession and everything I have gone well. not enough only have the talent, we need also a certain amount of luck. I`m watching my colleagues and I see that many people have to fight, fight every day to dobitsya what dobilasya, but they did not go out. to be a success they need a lot vremeni.Ya, on the contrary, has achieved rapid success, but the harder it is for me to maintain a good opinion of myself. I have long argued the critics then, that I have the talent and ability that I do not "ephemeral" on stage. "

When you decide to become an actress?

G. "Even as a child, in the 5 years I was playing the whole theater for their dolls.

At school I was engaged in a theatrical circle. And fortunately I became aktrisoy.Seychas I look at my grandchildren, and think about what their upcoming career choice is now muchenie.Esli same person is born with the intention of already identified, it is a great relief. "

Why you got married at an early age?

G. "Not that it was my zhelanie.Menya was married to a cousin, my circle of a man I knew from childhood. This was the wish of my materi.I you think I have any idea what awaits me in marriage? I thought getting married, get rid of parental care, will begin to engage in theater around the clock. my mother would not let me do anything to be engaged, my whole life preparing for the role of dutiful wife and domohozyayki.Koroche marriage seemed to me an excellent yield, which I found to my awakened thought that emansipatsii.Ya marriage will bring me personal freedom, but what I did was wrong! ".

Your first husband support your desire to become an actress?

G. "Polnostyu.Ya finished School of Dramatic Art, then I won the prize for best actress at the amateur theater festival, and then I was invited Antunes Filho do it" Witches of Salem ", then the prize at the Cannes Film Festival for the film" O Pagador de Promessas "( 1960) was .Mne 20s and I already had two children, Maria Amelia and Josh Paulo. "

Then why are you divorced?

G. "Because it was a marriage arranged by the parents, and not allowed to selected us.And I was married. My husband loved me and was ideal in everything, but I made him miserable and suffers sama.Tak was not possible to continue .When I Return to the Cannes Film festival, I decided to break up with him. She took the children and moved in with her mother. after about eight months, I met Tarsizio TUPI on television. "

What did your family to divorce, and to ensure that you become an actress?

G. "Of course my family was in shoke.Tem since the actress profession in our circle was considered, to put it mildly, unethical ... Delight nobody felt only after the victory of our film at the Cannes Film Festival passions subsided. They no longer had the courage to condemn me and after we were met by an enthusiastic crowd at the airport and people were standing on our way with a Brazilian flag, shouting, singing, and it was great and nice, so after that, my family began to proud of me. "

How about your fate was reflected early motherhood?

G. "I was a little girl, nothing thought then, not much znala.No I was able to raise their children, and quickly learned to cope without nyanek.Ya could not with them to breastfeed her daughter and crying in despair, but my milk not bylo.Voobsche I was faced with those things facing any mat.Drugoe thing that I was still a child herself, so the process of growing up my children and my own have been almost odnovremenno.Zato my children is the my best friends, they know that I always come to the rescue and will never be what they -nibud force. "

You will quickly find a common language between the actress and the role of the mother role?

G. "Oh, for the first time to leave her son with other people, and most go to gastrolnoe tour, it was a nightmare. I felt the huge vinu.No my children learned quickly, whose children they were. And all the children of artists they have seen the seamy side of our profession , endless rehearsals, my fatigue, my employment, job televidenii.Oni menya.Odnazhdy spared my little daughter when he saw on television the scene where I weep for my supposedly dead son, was waiting for me at home late at night. When I came she ran up to me and began to comfort "Mama do not cry, I saw the boy is not dead, there is further shown".

With your youngest son Tarsiziu, everything was different?

G. "Yes. It`s been almost ten let.S Tarsizio I already had a wealth of experience and has become his present materyu.A with two older, I was and remained a great friend because the age difference between us is not great."

And what are you grandma?

G. "I became a grandmother at 40 with a small and has never been a typical babushkoy.Moi grandchildren do not even call me Grandma, I have to Jia and Tarsizio -Dindo, and I have four grandchildren, aged between 16 and 23 years.He proud of me and we meet often with them, they will come to my rehearsals spektakli.V play "Jornada de um Poema" there is one scene where I appear completely naked, in fact very beautiful stsena.I my grandson, was present at the show, he said " is the most beautiful my grandmother! "(laughs).

Let`s go back to the nachalu.Kto fell first, you or Tarsiziu?

G. "It was gradually and at the same time we have met on the TV oboih.My" Tupi ", one day my car broke down, Tarsiziu offered to drive, FIHM invited to the restaurant, and then he invited me to his home to watch the fish in his aquarium! ( laughs). "

Which one of you was better known at that time?

G. "I think we were equal. But in fact it was the beginning, the heyday of theater and cinema, the heyday of the actor`s talent and bratstva.Vremya soap operas at that time has not come yet, to act in such matters was considered bad form."

You Tarsizio actually is the very romantic and forever loving couple, which you are doing the media?

G. "No, we`re just like any other para.Lyudi create an aura around us romantiki.My met, fell in love, lived a long life and in our example, I am convinced, love suschestvuet.My always respect the individuality of each other, we found our way, we respect each other, we supported and lyubili.Pri all this we are completely different lyudi.I impulsive, Tarsizio rassuditelen.On tells me: "Glory always has its place and time!", for me it has never been properly chasa.U us These full balance, I enjoy his company, he receives from me moego.Dlya main -If love is over, there is no reason to live with together.We Tarsizio, as you see, are still together! ".

What has changed in your relationship after 40 years?

G. "They have become more calm and urovnoveshennymi.I this course, with time, people are becoming more tranquil."

It is difficult to have such a handsome husband?

G. "I am by nature not revniva.Esli it were otherwise, I would constantly stradala.Tarsizio fantastically attractive man, he had millions poklonnits.Esli him something and was on the side, today I do not want to know anything about it .and never wanted, perhaps a protective reaction of the organism .Byl my case, at 10 am to our house a woman came and stood on the verge of utter scoundrel Tarsizio he threw her alone with a child, I listened to her long monologue standing on a ladder, at the time I was already a huge belly, a month later, I had to give birth Tarsizio- younger, then I noticed that she was beginning to hang on it, then I went and opened the door to the street and said to her, "Get out!".

In general, in the old days related to famous people were fanatical, and bordered on

madness, it is now normal to go to the store and meet there for an hour three znamenitostey.A then it was more difficult, I remember one terrible case thousandth crowd of fans surrounded us with Tarsizio Recife airport, they literally pulled us out of the aircraft and began to tear off pieces clothing, hair ... I wonder how we are not killed! Then, because there was no guard, guard around the sixties ... we have managed to escape and run away, run to the bus and hide in nem.V the same day we took part in one company and around us on the street again a crowd gathered, when I saw the faces of the people in the front row, I said Tarsizio "run" and we ran. The crowd rushed for us.We flew into the first house, called into the first apartment, knocked on the door, asking for help, thank God, good people we house these people vpustili.V we sat for several hours until the police arrived and broke up raging beneath the windows tolpu.A people are shouting to us: "Come Go down!".

How were the relations among Tarsiziu with your children from his first marriage?

G. "In fact, he became the father of them half I`ve always said." Arnaldo, your father, your great-Tarsizio friend "But the only grandfather, which have all of my grandchildren is Tarsiziu, he always played with them, fussing, buying gifts. Christmas, force-fed candy and entertainment. The grandchildren love it. "

You watch a lot of TV?

G. "mnogo.Ya not like to watch movies, documentaries, current affairs and news transmission on cable televideniyu.Inogda watching telenovelas with her participation or telenovela, starring my friends. I`m not a big fan of the series, but I try to keep up with life."

Now you take care of your health more than 20, 30 years ago?

G. "Before I was engaged in gymnastics, aerobics and paid their shape more attention than it is now. But I think there comes a time in everyone`s life when you have to realize and accept his age, did accept the nim.Ya latest plastic surgery after 40, after that vitamins perestala.Ya drink, I do not eat much, perhaps that`s all. "

How many plastic surgeries you have had?

G. "First I did back in the sixties, I raised the hairline above the forehead, they grew too nizko.Potom me fix nos.Potom operation on glaza.Mne fixed line growth brovey.Delali Botox injections from morschin.Ya generally not against plastic operations, I do not mind that can enhance the dignity or correct defects vneshnosti.Esli is created and invented, so it is necessary to use it. "

You make Tarsizio cares about your health?

G. "Is it vozmozhno.On very stubborn and it trudno.On lazy to walk, observe dietu.I when I see that it is this neglect, I always say:" You`re an actor and you are obliged to take care of yourself! ".

You will appear in the TV series "Kiss of the Vampire," but you will not be with Tarsiziu pair on stsenariyu.Vam does not cause anxiety that you will see your husband in the arms of very young women?

G. "No. It is natural. The age actors look quite harmoniously with the 17-year-old girls, but the 70-year-old actress is unlikely to fit 17-year-old yunosha.Ya understand the modern world, although many things have started to get confused and I am aware of your izmenyatsya.I age, I can not play seductive beauties, but I can play other roles. I played a lot of beautiful women, who dazzled the men, now I want another !. "

Author: Olga Strelkova

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