Gloria Guinness

Picture of Gloria Guinness

Date of Birth: 08/27/1912

Age: 68

Place of birth: Veracruz

Citizenship: Switzerland

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She was born Gloria Rubio-and-Altorre (Gloria Rubio y Altorre) in 1912 in Veracruz, Mexico (Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico). Her father, Jose Rafael Torres Rubio (Jos & # 233; Rafael Rubio Torres), was very well-known Mexican journalist, my mother called her Maria Luisa Dolores Alatorre Diaz (Maria Luisa Dolores Alatorre Diaz).

Gloria grew incredibly beautiful, and, in addition, it featured a natural sense of style and a very sharp mind.

For the first time I married a beauty married a German last name on Sholtens (Scholtens), however long this marriage has not appeared, and the couple divorced.

Second wife Gloria was the Earl of Furstenberg-Herdringen (Franz-Egon Maria Meinhard Engelbert Pius Aloysius Kaspar Ferdinand Dietrich, third Graf von F & # 252; rstenberg-Herdringen), whom she married in October 1935.

In 1942, Gloria has married for the third time - this time it was the chosen Egyptian prince (Ahmad-Abu-El-Fotouh Fakhry Bey), the grandson of the Egyptian King Fuad (King Fuad I of Egypt). They said that being married to the Prince, Gloria vengeance twisted love affairs with other men, among whom was a great connoisseur of beautiful women Duff Cooper (Duff Cooper), a British diplomat.

After another divorce in 1949, Gloria began a relationship with British millionaire and member of Parliament Loelom Guinness (Loel Guinness), a man influential and powerful. The wedding took place in April 1951, in Antibes (Antibes). By the way, Gloria later admitted to his friend, the writer Noel Coward (No & # 235; l Coward): `I could never sleep with Loelom - it lets too many gazov`.

Generally, Gloria Guinness was an incredibly sophisticated, graceful, mannered. They said that the nature of her was unbearable - it is as much conquered the hearts of men as `mozgi` endured.

BylaGloriya and a great woman of fashion - she was a fan of Balenciaga Kritsobalya (Crist & # 243; bal Balenciaga). There is a legend that during one of the fittings in the House of Balenciaga fashion Gloria plucked audacity and pointed to the great couturier, how should cut her dress. In response to his indignation is only reminded of who pays the bills here, what Cristobal Balenciaga was forced to agree. As a result, cut the dress was exactly what Gloria wanted.

It was said many - including Gloria Guinness and was suspected of spying. So, it was considered a spy because at some point, she did not have a passport or citizenship of any country. However, the lack of it does not prevent the beauty Gloria marry British tycoon.

Her style was admired, she was trying to imitate the great number of women, but to do it was not so easy - gratsioznoyot nature Gloria did not need much to look elegant. So, it was a minimalist style. `Less is bolshe` - proclaimed Gloria Guinness, and soon it was considered a style icon is already present. Gloria`s Column in `Harper`s Bazaar`, as well as her photographs in glossy magazines enjoyed tremendous success.

It is believed that Gloria Guinness, but not Jackie Kennedy (Jackie Kennedy) became the first celebrity to wear Capri pants. They said that the photos of Gloria inspired many famous designers to create new stylistic solutions.

Known Gloria Guinness and its luxurious houses, which she had six pieces worldwide. They knew it and very generous donations and charitable actions.

Gloria Guinness lived to be 68 years old and died of a heart attack Nov. 9, 1980; This happened in her own home in Switzerland (Villa Zanroc in Epalinges, Switzerland).