Giulietta Masina

Picture of Giulietta Masina

Date of Birth: 02/22/1921

Age: 73

Place of birth: San Giorgio di Piano

Citizenship: Italy


Giulietta Masina was born in San Giorgio di Piano, around Bologna, February 22, 1921 and 1920 - information on this subject are contradictory. Such contradictions arise in ascertaining the date of death (various sources suggest 3 or 23 March).

The present name of the actress - Julie Anne. Juliet Dzhulettina - so called it Fellini, her husband and a great filmmaker.


Father Mazin Geta, was a talented musician (cellist), played in the orchestra, but soon he was to change his life and say goodbye to the musician`s career forever. He fell in love with a girl from a wealthy family, Letizia, the future mother of Juliet. Parents Leticia agreed to their marriage under one condition: Geta had to forget about music and find a job that promotes the material welfare of the family. The musician by vocation, Geta worked all his life as a cashier at the factory of mineral fertilizers. Many years later, he tried to return to musical activity, however, the time has gone. He broke up with things you love forever ... Of course, he did not hide from the family of his suffering, and perhaps a little Juliet knew about the mental agony of his father. Despite these circumstances, family life and Leticia Geta it evolved happily.

With four years of education Juliet took Aunt Julia. This woman has played a special role in the future life of the actress. Julia was a man passionately in love with art, she patronized young artists, musicians, actors. It was Aunt Julia could see in the fragile, thin Juliet acting talent, what immediately told her parents and took the girl from San Giorgio. The school decided not to give it, not to injure the sensitive creative nature. Juliet school programs to make up for the summer with his mother.

Peer Juliet did not know its surroundings during these years - Aunt Julia`s friends, endlessly in love with art.

beginning of his career.

When the time came, Mazin entered the Faculty of the University of Rome, after which received the diploma of the teacher of modern and ancient Christian literature. At university, she participated in a student initiative with 14 years led a children`s radio program.

In 18 years, Juliette played her first role in the theater - the role of fairies.

After this performance invitations to play the role of the fairies, young animals was not the end. During the year, is already known aspiring actress time to play as a dramatic actress, singer, dancer and violinist in a single season in five theaters of Rome.

1943 - meeting, which determined the future life.

Federico Fellini:

"Then I met Giulietta Masina, who would become my Roman family I met her in 1943 -. Then she got the role of the Pollino in Sunday radioseriale" Chico and Pollin, "which I wrote her voice I heard before he met her..

I called her and invited to dinner. I chose a good restaurant - very fashionable at the time. I could not conceive and to invite her to the less prestigious place. That was an act of respect. Juliet later told me that she was very surprised: before her, a student of the University of Rome, only invited to the cafe. She admitted that she even brought with her a little money - in case I shall there be cash to pay the bill. She was very delicate, to say that it is not hungry, and tried to enjoy the cheapest food. I insisted that she took all the best that is on the menu, but it is keenly watched prices. I was a little disappointed because it meant that I could not order all of these goodies, which are firmly intend to try. Do I have the right to expensive meals while she ordered a just cheap? Juliet did not know that before you ask her out, I went to a restaurant and studied the menu carefully to be sure of their abilities. I have long wanted to visit this restaurant. Later I learned that Aunt Juliet, with whom she lived in Rome, did not want to niece met a stranger, despite the fact that he is the author of the series, in which she plays. However, on hearing the name chosen for the restaurant meeting, aunt relented, apparently believing that in this chic establishment with his niece nothing bad happen just can not. "

(Hereinafter - a quote from the book "I, Fellini`s" Fellini and F. S. Chandler, translation B. Biernacki).

Fellini`s Juliet immediately fascinated. He told a lot of incredible stories, many fantasized about themselves, the events of his life. Juliet did not immediately learned to distinguish fantasy from reality; learning - supported this "game." She knew that the world was created by Fellini, can not break down, it hurts him. Juliet always knew that true love requires self-sacrifice, altruism and self-denial (the love story of her parents - a vivid example). Fellini was a man whom she loved all her life, was ready to make any sacrifice for him, for both of them, for the sake of their love.

Two weeks after they met, they married and moved to live with her aunt Julia (after the event relationship Aunt Julia and parents Juliet complicated: the parents dreamed of a different undertaking, they were shocked by the fact that love is not married, and blamed Aunt Julia, shelters them). Masina and Fellini were married five months later. Fellini was hiding from conscription Mussolini, so for safety reasons did not dare poyavltsya in a Catholic cathedral.

Federico Fellini:

"We were married October 30, 1943. In the notice of marriage, which I painted to Juliet, our future baby down to us from heaven.

The ceremony took place at her aunt`s apartment. We are lucky to live in the house the priest, who committed ritual. It was attended by only a few relatives and close friends. Our parents, who lived in other cities, did not know anything - then the phone works very badly. Because of the war it was difficult to contact someone not living in Rome.

Our friend Alberto Sordi could not attend the ceremony because he played the show in the theater nearby, and we are after the wedding went to him. We entered the room, when he was on stage. Seeing us, he added light and announced to the public: "My dear friend just got married. No doubt, in the future it will be more than once to arrange a standing ovation, but let`s start right now. " Ray flashed us with Juliet. I have never been able to hide in time. "

Giulietta Masina - WIFE.

Federico Fellini:

"I do not know what to think aunt Juliet, when we after a few months of dating married When you get married at the age of twenty, you are growing up together -. Although Juliet throughout our life together more than once told me that I have not grown up then you do not. only lovers, not only husband and wife but brother and sister sometimes I was the father in relation to Juliet, sometimes she told me -. mother. "

"We were both young Juliet. Together we have discovered life.

None of us did not have much experience. I had it a little more. Juliet really took care of the house.

She was so small and needed my care. She was an innocent, trusting, gentle, very good. I directed it. Until that time, no one was dependent on me so much. I fell in love with his own reflection in her eyes. "


Federico Fellini:

"And then there was a terrible thing Juliet fell down the stairs and lost the baby she did not know who he is -... Boy or girl Maybe she was afraid that if he becomes for it even more real I was told that there was a boy we like to call?. Federico him. Juliet was very worried because of the miscarriage, but she was always persistent. And she was so young.

Heal her pain could only other child, and had to start as soon as possible.

I do not remember that we have deliberately planned it, but Juliet was pregnant again. When she told me about it, we were both happy.

We did not think about the war, although the situation at the front was getting worse, or about how I`m going to raise money for the three of us. We thought only about our baby. We Juliet believed that know each other well. I think it was. Then we knew each other better than twenty years later. The belligerent Italy we were still almost children.

He was born a boy. We called him Federico. Our son only lived for two weeks.

Juliet said she could no longer have children. Our son stayed with us long enough for us to know him and believe in his existence. From this Juliet it was even harder: she always wanted to be a mother. It is hard to imagine what she felt when she was told that it is now impossible.

Whether in the hospital better care ... Found on hand necessary medicines ... At that time I did not think that could play a fatal role of the lack of medicines or shortage of doctors. If not for the war, could save the kid Federico. Perhaps you could help and Juliet and she was able to have children.

Gone baby tied us in a sense stronger than would have done it live children. We tried not to talk about our loss. It was too painful. But his presence, or rather its absence, we constantly felt. We did not talk about it, because then it would be even harder. The total tragedy, especially experienced in his youth, establishes a strong link between people. If a childless couple does not break, it means that the relationship is really strong. The couple have only themselves ".


"One day, I remember, I called home from out of town. Juliet did not answer, even though it was very late. I had no idea where she might be. Which only horror did not come into my head, I swore to myself and God to be a model husband, if a She`s fine. She returned home and went to the phone.

But after that I was not a model husband. However, I think that after all was good.

There is a myth that, to get married, the two become one. This is not true. Rather, they are two and a half, three, five or more. "

"Although I did not aspire to early marriage, but never regretted marrying Juliet. For all these years, I never wanted to be her husband, and here it is, I think, many times regretted that out of me.

We Juliet was very romantic courtship. Our marriage is entered into for love. Happy connection of mind and flesh. Juliet has always stood firmly on the ground - I`m always head in the clouds. "


"Marriage for Juliet was not the fact that she was waiting for it did not bring her performance cherished desires She was waiting for wedlock own homes and faithful husband I`m her disappointment, she me -...... No I do not think I could find a wife. better.

I`ve always loved Juliet in her endless optimism. She never loses hope. Sometimes she lives as if in a fairy tale, but if the enemy attacked her fairy kingdom, she will fight to protect it, as a knight, and not shed tears, as the unhappy girl. Because of this, its properties we have it often had difficulty she always hoped to change me. And I never put up with the variability of my nature.

To have faith, I had only to look at Juliet. Maybe that`s why I have never had a need for a formal religion. In my life it took place Juliet ".

Giulietta Masina (interview):

"We Federico not created what is called the word" family. " We do not have offspring, there is no next of kin. Most of us can be called a pair, union people who stay together for a free choice. I always ask, it is not difficult to live with a genius. I answer, that the life of a fool I would be more annoying. We Federico has one advantage: we got married very young, and, therefore, mature, formed as individuals we happened together. I must admit that we are very different. I like to talk, he loves only silence. I readily exchanged for descriptions of the most minor details, it also has a special taste to the synthesis. I love to travel, he hates it. I love to dance, and he never even wanted to learn it. I love to listen to music, but he prefers to spend long hours reading. And yet, most importantly, we - in common: both of us to the heart to spend Sundays in a relaxed home environment, and we have both - a passion for spectacles. Together we work easy, given that in the main we will always agree with each other. Yet I must confess that I work harder with him than with any other director. "

Giulietta Masina - "little woman with eyes lost dog"; "Women who FELLINI".

Federico Fellini:

"I always feel some difficulty when it comes to talk about Juliet as an actress:. I find it difficult to assess its skills in isolation from the individual Our lives are intertwined for a long time, and yet, speaking with journalists, I tried to explain to them what role it played in my work, I will say something that never spoke to her.

She not only inspired me to create movie "The Road" and "Nights of Cabiria", but always remained in my life a little fairy godmother. With her, I stepped on a particular territory, which has become my life, - the territory of that without her I probably would never have discovered. I met her when she was assigned the lead role in a radio show in my script, and she became a star of my life. "

Having lost the only child, Juliet was in despair. I tried not to cry in the presence of her husband, and completely switched to it. She discussed with him the script, budget films, sought funding for his projects went to the shooting of the expedition, to choose nature, getting to know the right people - in general, supported, helped, did everything possible and impossible. "Woman posing FELLINI" - we often hear this phrase in relation to Giulietta Masina. And it`s true.

It Giulietta Masina contributed to the emergence of Fellini kachastve assistant director Roberto Rossellini (the film "Payza", 1946. Debut Giulietta Masina in the movie later Fellini says that Rossellini was only an authorized official, who helped him cross the street, "But is not that enough.? "- reasonably respond Juliet.

Mazin invited Rossellini to Sunday lunch (she arranged dinners for those people who might be useful to Fellini), together they walked around Rome and spoke "about anything other than cinema." No wonder that when Rossellini was required to remove the second part of the short film "The human voice", he invited Fellini. Thus began the career of the great director.

It Mazina insisted that Fellini made his first film - "Variety Lights" (1950). Cash helped find Rossellini. Since then, Juliet did not do without any one film Fellini. "The little woman with the eyes of the lost dogs" - so called her, Federico Fellini.

Initially Fellini hotelsnimat only wife.

Starring in the film "The Road", "Nights of Cabiria," "Juliet of the Spirits" Mazin offered up to an unattainable height. She started calling it as "great" actress was compared to Charlie Chaplin. Touching "tragic clown" submissive sad woman with a spotless soul and determined character that through the baseness of the world carries hope and faith in life, became a hero of his time. She was awarded the "Oscar" and offered extremely lucrative contracts in Hollywood, but all the tempting offers Juliet always refuses.

Popularity Masina and Fellini in the USSR of the 1960s no way inferior to the US, and even Italian. In 1963, the main prize of the Moscow International Film Festival awarded the Fellini film "Eight and a half." But in awarding the prize Fellini and Masina did not come. They say that when Fellini learned that Khrushchev fell asleep at the premiere of the film, he, Juliet and friends went to the cottage.

Close people remember that while working on the most important films for Fellini`s Juliet was the view. If it was not on the set, Federico constantly called her home and even consulted on minor occasions. Discussing work issues, they often quarreled. Quarreled not as a director and actress, but rather as husband and wife. Fellini`s Juliet accused in contentiousness, she did - in intolerance.

When Fellini ordered their famous red scarves in expensive studio, it had little interest that Mazin, unlike other stars, no coats, jewelry (Juliet told - they do not need it, because they do not make it more beautiful). He preferred to live in the center of Rome, though the Italians with money usually settle in the suburbs. Juliet economy, accompanied by Federico on the set, and paid for tickets and hotels from her purse, and spent summers at her husband`s home in Rimini, the climate is not very suitable to her (Juliet always ill and there is still some time after his return to Rome).

Jubilee "Oscar" for his contribution to the development of cinema was the last award Fellini. After the award, he looked around the room and shouted, sitting on the ground Mazina: "Stop crying, Juliet!". All camera lenses sent to the tear-stained face of Juliet. But she began to sob even harder.

In recent years, the life of Giulietta Masina rarely worked in the film industry: in 1976, she starred in the film Sandro Bolki "Camilla", in 1985 - in the "Mother Metelitsa" Juraj Jakubisko. The last work of the actress from Federico Fellini was the role of Ginger in the film "Ginger and Fred", filmed in the same 1985.


Her illness began long before the illness of her husband. Juliet was treated on an outpatient basis, but doctors advised to go to hospital.

She listened to their advice only when Fellini went to the hospital (sick during the holidays in Rimini). Juliet, pretending that he was going to Rome for small household affairs, went to the hospital. Federico she did not say anything ...

Someone from friends accidentally let slip that Juliet visited the hospital that she had lung cancer. Fellini demanded a car and went to Rome. What torments him it was worth: he was recovering from surgery, he was forbidden to move He could die on the road!.

In Rome, they were in the neighboring palatah.Dzhuletta dying, but still conceal it from Fellini (by physicians is projected to possibly remained a year and a half). At the end of October 1993, they were discharged from the hospital.

Federico was in a hurry to celebrate their golden wedding, a celebration was scheduled for October 30, 1993.

Versions of what happened raskhodyatsya.Odni sources indicate that the celebration was scheduled for October 30, but 15, he suffered a stroke and died on October 31 Fellini.

Others wrote that the October 30 Juliet and Federico went to the restaurant - in the same restaurant where they were the day they met. They were both in high spirits. She listened to him with interest as he spoke animatedly about something, and then he choked on a piece of mozzarella and began to choke. Then everything went, and he was able to take Juliette home in the afternoon, and in the meantime he went on some business. And in the evening he had a second, very extensive instult. He lost consciousness and was taken to the intensive care unit. More from the coma, he did not leave, and two weeks later, the day after the actual anniversary of his marriage with Juliet, 31 October 1993 Fellini was not ...

At the funeral, Juliet did not hide the tears and repeating: "No I do not Federico."

After the death of Fellini she almost never left the house, I did not give interviews. Her illness developed rapidly, she fought with her. Juliet Federico survived for five months.

Juliet was buried near the cemetery Fellini Rimini. Tonino Guerra found a common headstone, on a plate which he had ordered to clear the inscription: "Now, Juliet, you can cry ..."

Federico Fellini:

"I`m not a good friend. Not such a good husband. Juliet deserves more ..."