Giovanni Canestrini

Picture of Giovanni Canestrini

Date of Birth: 12/26/1835

Age: 64

Place of birth: Revo

Citizenship: Italy


He studied at the Gorizia and Merano, continued studying natural sciences in the University of Wien. From 1862 until 1869 he lectured at the University of Modena, in 1869 became a professor of zoology and comparative anatomy at the University of Padua. In 1862 he founded the Societ? dei Naturalisti Modenesi (Modena Society of Naturalists), and in 1871 Societ? Veneto-Trentina di Scienze Naturali (Trient-Venetian Society of Natural Sciences) Canestrini made a contribution to a variety of biological disciplines, it is important research in the field of acarology. He defended Darwinism and Darwin`s works translated into Italian. His popularity in Italy of Darwinism in the XIX century owes Canestrini. Peruvian scientist has more than 200 scientific papers, he also founded the bacteriological laboratory in Padua.