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Homemade doll beloved son

Jokes that each holder of the camera sooner or later begins to imagine himself a photographer, as well known as it is true; a similar effect is seen in other areas - so many people who are able to relate a few words in a meaningful sentence, often beginning to call themselves writers, journalists or even professional bloggers. Unfortunately, this kind of self-determination is not always included in any way a real talent. Gina Wagner, fortunately, is no exception to the rules of this kind; Woman outstanding photographer and journalist considered prominent professionals whose praise is in itself a fairly high estimate.

It is interesting that Wagner originally aspired to journalism - first her diploma she received in biology. However, for the undergraduate diploma biologist followed the master`s degree of the journalist; skills attached to this diploma, Wagner actively uses to this day. Famous Gina unique talent to transform and reshape rather complicated at first glance, the idea in a simple and understandable for the broad masses of the texts; her letters addressed to the most that neither is a wider audience - and success with the audience are impressive. Gina specializes primarily on the texts of fitness, travel, health, parenting and lifestyle; Wagner often publishes reviews of various goods and products and articles of personal persuasion essay. As often happens in the case of talented journalists, namely personal essays consistently cause the greatest interest of the public; one such essay, Wagner relatively recently attracted very wide attention.

Sample gift for your beloved offspring to the next holiday for parents is traditionally not an easy task; facilitate the choice of flour compiled lists of children desired. The list, compiled by for the next birthday of the 6-year-old son of Gina Miles (Miles) was only two points - and Lego doll. Someone desire to get the boy doll could surprise, but Wagner knew his son well and is easy to understand the situation. The boy played a lot with her older sister - and, as a consequence, the children develop a pretty mixed tastes. A girl having fun playing with boy in various adventures of superheroes and action games; boy, in turn, with the same pleasure playing with figurines series `My Little Pony` and` American Girl`.

A year ago, on her 7th birthday girl I got quite an interesting gift - a custom doll series `American Girl`, executed as its own. This gift will be remembered and Miles; on his birthday, he wished himself a puppet twin. Fulfilling the desires of the dolls turned nelegko- right size series `American Boy` sale simply did not exist. Many large companies are now expressing interest in a more neutral point of view sex toys, but dolls for boys on sale is still lacking. Jin, however, did not despair - and decided to make the doll itself. For a start she needed to find a good base to work; search online auctions, Gina produced right doll series `Madame Alexander`. Scissors doll managed to make a suitable hairstyle - fortunately, hair doll in this series were playing pretty good. Wagner acetone removed `` pomadu` and rumyanets`; passing it shortened too feminine kind of eyelashes. The final touch was the clothes; Gina managed to find artists make for a stylish doll costume of Spider-Man. In total, Gene spent a very pleased the baby a gift of 50 dollars and a couple of hours time.