Gilberto Valle

Picture of Gilberto Valle

Date of Birth: 04/14/1984

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Queens

Citizenship: United States

`Patients fantazii` Police officer

Experienced officer NYPD Gilberto Valle kept the document on your computer, sort of an operation called `Kidnap and prigotovit`. Participating in one of the most unusual arrests FBI agents took in October 2012. `lyudoeda` Valle into custody, finding his whole guide to action, according to which the officer had planned to kidnap, rape, cook and eat women. He was arrested without bail.

Law enforcement agencies began to access e-mails Valle with his accomplice, in which he said he plans to neutralize the gang and the victims of a kind of device. He added that he would like to prepare women on low heat and keep them alive as long as possible. When I asked her, whether large oven in Valle, he replied: `big enough match for one of the etihdevushek if bend her nogi`.

It was learned that the assistance of the FSB officers addressed spouse Gilberto seriously worrying about what kind of horrible conversation leads her husband on the computer. The couple have a one year old daughter. Working in the 26th administrative district in Manhattan (Manhattan), Valle lived with his wife and child in Forest Hills, Queens (Forest Hills, Queens), and was an exemplary police officer.

His lawyer, Julia L. Gatto (Julia L. Gatto), said that the officer had not committed any crime. She added at the hearing in Federal District Court in Manhattan: `In the worst case, we are talking about sexual fantasies (Valle) ... In fact, there is no reason to believe that the fantasy would have grown into realnost`.

However, the federal prosecutor Hadassah Waxman (Hadassa Waxman) said that Valle was associated with three partners, discussing their plans, and in one case, while in uniform, used police car to drive the woman supervision to which applied to `frightening m anere` .

The collected evidence against Valle consist mostly of SMS messages and e-mails in which the officer `discusses kidnapping plans, rape, torture, killing, cooking and eating parts of a number zhenschin` body. In his computer federal investigators found `information files, at least about one hundred zhenschinah`. Law enforcement officials said that some of the alleged victims were classmates Gilberto. The FBI has interviewed dozens of women from Valle list, and each of them has confirmed that an officer familiar with.

July 19, 2012 the first officer Valle sent an email to his accomplice, which said that the meeting with some woman (he called her by name) in three days. This potential Victim-1 in October 2012, the FBI gave testimony, saying that really met with the officer on that day in the restaurant to have lunch together. About what happened during or after dinner, is not disclosed.

Externally `kannibal` Gilberto impression of a very well-mannered representative of law and order. The photographs he kept smiling, that speaks of his cheerful nature. Once he wrote: `I can find a reason to laugh at any situatsii`, and then added that on duty knows an infinite number of funny stories that simply can not be invented.

If investigators can prove that Gilberto Valle planned to realize their `patients fantazii`, he faces life imprisonment.