Picture of Ghazan

Date of Birth: 04/11/1271

Age: 32

Place of birth: Abeskun

Citizenship: Iran


Ghazan was raised in Buddhism. After accession to the throne of his father Argun was appointed governor of Khurasan, Mazanderan and Rhea, these provinces managed and Gaykhatu Khan. During the governorship built in Kuchanov Buddhist hram.Gazan began fighting against Baidu, penalty Gaykhatu Khan (26 March 1295) and to usurp power. Mighty Emir Nouruz Gazan advised to become a Muslim, saying: "If de sire, shelter of the world, Islam will strengthen their faith in him, something bad will not." June 16, 1295 in the castle Lardzhan, located in the Alborz Mountains, between Ray and Amul, Gaza together with his entourage had converted to Islam and got the name of Mahmoud. It instructed in matters of faith, Sadr al-Din Ibrahim Hamavi (1246-1322), the leading theologian and mystic of his time. After defeating and executing Baidu, Gazan was proclaimed on Ilkhan Kurultai in Karabakh (Arran) November 3, 1295 and made Islam the state .... religiey.AVTOSH gas Productions PREDSTAVLYaET.3gp the beginning of the reign of Gazan economy of the country was in full decline, being devastated by the Mongolian conquest and subsequent uncontrolled plundering peasants. The adoption of Islam enabled Ilhan to get support Muslim bureaucratic elite. With the help of Rashid al-Din appointed vizier Highest sofa in 1298, were carried out important reforms, which led to some economic recovery gosudarstva.Prinyatie Gazan Islam did not change the traditional policy Ilkhans - the struggle against the Egyptian Mamelukes. In the years 1299-1303 he made three campaign in late 1299 Siriyu.V Gazan forces occupied Aleppo and then connecting to the units of the Armenian king Hethoum II of, caused the troops of the Egyptian Sultan al-Malik al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Kala`una defeated at Wadi al-Salmiya Khaznadar in town near Homs (December 22, 1299, also known as the "third battle of Homs"). Capturing Homs, Gazan went to Damascus, where the inhabitants opened the gates in front of him (beginning in 1300). Ilhan left in Damascus of the troops under the command of the emirs Qutlugh Shah and Choban and returned to Iran. In April, the Mamluks defeated Qutlugh Shah and Ciobanu and again took Damask.Vtoroy campaign in Syria Gazan began in September 1300, but without achieving any significant success, the following spring he returned to his headquarters. At the beginning of 1303 Gazan once again delivered to the west. However, troops Qutlugh Shah were defeated at the Battle of Marj al-Suffare near Damascus (20 April) and otstupili.Krome native Mongolian Ghazan kind of knew Persian and Turkish, a little - Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Kashmiri and "Frankish" (French). He was familiar with the story of his people, as well as the history and culture of Iran. Interested in medicine, astronomy, chemistry, while hunting collected plants, established the existence of Iran`s many medicinal herbs that were previously imported from China, India and Turkestan.