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Citizenship: Russia


Of his early years little is known: Pol. A. Gosiewski warlord possessed written evidence of it, taken from one of Moscow. the priest, according to the to-cerned in his youth G. was "in the Don Cossacks". For the first time mentioned. as a priest in the 50-year-old as a priest of one of the cauldron. churches, then there is a haircut in monks and became Archimandrite Savior-Transfiguration Monastery in Kazan. According to contemporaries, G. was "uncircumcised and hitrorechiv but not euphony", "tough-minded", "prekrut in sloveseh and vozreniyah". With the introduction of the Russian patriarchate (1589) in the archbishop sent to lead the Kazan diocese. Active conductor policy of forced Christianization of non-Russians. the population of the Volga region, "said Hermogenes himself zeal for Orthodoxy. The Kazan land were baptized aliens, in name only Christians considered; alien to Russian, they were driven from their kindred Tatars, Chuvash, Cheremisses, live like a Gentile, not invited priests in the case of babies born, did not apply to the clergy at the graves, and their wedding couple obvenchivayas in the church, committed yet another marriage rite in their own way . Others lived in illegal marriage with German captives, who for Hermogenes seemed no different from non-Christian. Hermogenes gathered and called such bad orthodox to itself to teaching, but teaching was not operated, and the Metropolitan in 1593 asked the government to take his part causative action. However, it still resented the fact that Kazan Tatar began to build a mosque, while forty years after the conquest of Kazan there was not a single mosque. The consequence of complaints Hermogenes was an order to collect from all Kazanskago county newly baptized, to populate their suburb, arrange church set over Sloboda chief reliable boyar son and look firmly to the newly baptized observe the Orthodox rituals, fasting, baptized their captives German and listened to from the Metropolitan teachings, and the disobedient should be put in prison, in chains and keep the beat. " With the accession of False Dmitry I (1605) it was established by the Senate, which was to sit, and the higher clergy. He became a member of the Senate, and was invited to Moscow. He has consistently represented the interests of Rus. Pravoslav. The Church, aware that her power is impossible without the support of the Central African Republic. authorities. G. demanding secondary baptism Pol. "Girls" - Marina Mniszek than angered False Dmitry I, and the prelate sent from Moscow in his diocese, and ordered to enclose it in one of the local monasteries. Having ascended to the throne after the assassination of False Dmitry I (1606) King SHUISKI, fear was in Moscow Filaret (FN Romanova), to-ing, presumably, was preparing to take the patriarchal throne, sent him to the metropolitan department in Rostov, and loyal to him holy Hierarchs ordered ordained patriarchs G. caused from Kazan. But soon the relations between them soured completely, "Hermogenes was a man of extremely stubborn, tough, rough, quarrelsome, besides listening to headphones and trusted them. The slave did not like him: he was a man of too strict. But for all that it was a man straight, honest, steadfast, who served faithfully to his convictions and not personal types. Being constantly in clashes with the king, however, he not only did not shake hands with his numerous enemies, but always defended Basil. A strict adherent form and ritual Hermogenes respected in him a person who, no matter what paths has reached the throne, but it was sanctified by the king`s crown and the anointing. " During the civil war (1606-1607) G. Church mobilized forces to fight the rebels against the center. government, which declared heretics and excommunicated. Feb 17. 1609 Oil on week ryaz. G. sumbul nobleman, Prince. P. Gagarin and T. Dirty collected approx. 300 people. conspirators and demanded the overthrow of Shuisky boyars. However, the nobles hid in their yards, and only book. Golitsyn went to Red Square. The conspirators force dragged G. nA place of a skull, demanding that he supported the deposition Shumsky, but the patriarch, though not like the king, knowing how he received

yl throne, "nevertheless firmly standing behind him, as the only power that supports even the order in the State, and not succumb to the intimidation of the conspirators, who, releasing it, and then moved to the palace." Failing dobrovolnogootrecheniya from the king and seeing that people do not support them, the conspirators fled to the False Dmitry II in Tushino. G. sent after them in the camp of the pretender 2 letters to them and others. Russian. people who are there to repent and come back under the rule of Tsar Vasily Shumsky, which de forgive them. 1st reading and writing began with the words: "the former Orthodox Christians vsyakago rank, age and rank, but now is not like you and vedaem call. I lack strength, soul hurts and hurts the heart, all my inward annulled and all my compositions sodragayutsya, crying and sobbing cry aloud. For pity`s sake, have mercy on their souls and the souls of his parents, vozstante, be wise and return "; 2nd reading and writing began: "Former brother, and now do not know how, and to call you, because your deeds in our minds do not fit our ears never before on such cases are not heard, and in the chronicles we nothing not used to read who was not surprised? Who would not mourn? The word we write is not for everyone, but to those only who, forgetting the hour of death and the Judgment Seat of Christ and transgressing kissing the cross, drove by changing the Sovereign King and the whole world, to their parents, wives and children , and to all their neighbors, and especially to God ; and it is captured as Metropolitan Filaret and other, not his will, nor by power, and Christian law does not stand, the blood of their Orthodox brethren does not shed such, we do not blame, but pray to God for them. " During deposition Basil Shumsky (1610) G. interceded for him, cursed Z. Lyapunov and his supporters actually removed from the king`s authority, and did not recognize the king nasilstvennago tonsure, ie. It might not to. Sanctified, even as a result of a perfect right These rites. When Shuya has been detained in the Miracle Monastery, did not cease to insist on the return him to the throne. G. simply ignore the circumstances that made such a move then quite impossible; only the sanctity of respect for religion existed for him. form. Seeing that his efforts are futile, and the throne has appeared numerous. applicants, G. countered claims against the king. Crown Prince. VV Golitsyn candidacy MF Romanov. But at this time the majority lean toward Pol. Prince Ladislas, as is evident from the words of the chronicler: "In Moscow boyars Well, all ye people, and Moscow does not soslavsya s cities izobrasha on Muscovy Prince Ladislas ... Lithuanian Patriarch Hermogenes as it s prohibition glagolashe:" If thou be baptized and to be in early Christian Orthodox faith and al bless you; If ye will be baptized, the violation will be around the Moscow State and the Orthodox Christian faith, but do not wake at Vasya our blessing. " Boyars same poslasha to etmanu [crown hetman Zolkiewski C.] of the Congress. Etman began with them sezzhatis govorito of Prince Ladislas. And on that ugovorishas they Prince to give the kingdom of Moscow, and he baptized in the Orthodox Christian faith. Etman also said Moscow Zheltovsky people that "give de king on the throne of his son, Vladislav, and of baptism de Beaty send ambassadors petition the king." Patriarch Hermogenes as ukreplyashe them so far without baptism at his kingdom shall not be planted; and that ukrepishasya and recording on napisasha that give them to Prince Muscovy and Lithuania in Moscow not vhoditi: etmanu Zhelkovskomu stand with Lithuanian people in the New Maiden Monastery, and another colonel standing in Mozhaisk. And on the cross ukrepishasya and kissed him with all of Moscow. " However Zolkiewski did not wait when EDT. After persuasions Pol. cor. Sigismund III to change the faith of his son, because he knew exactly what this not occured gm ever, and took it towards the capital. When he was standing near Moscow, and "Seven Boyars" still trying to persuade the patriarch did not insist on Pravoslav. baptism of Prince, Hetman finally signaled EDT. boyars, his patience is not unlimited. Terrified EDT. the authorities have made an agreement, trying, after all, as far as possible, to protect Pravoslav. faith and went to ask the blessing of the patriarch, but he stood on his: "If you do not consider the things violate the Orthodox faith, that he may abide upon you a blessing, but otherwise: empty

s curse will fall on you four patriarchs and our humility; and you take revenge from God, along with heretics and apostates! "17 August swore allegiance to Vladislav 10 thousand. people. The next day, the oath continued in moscow. Assumption Cathedral presence of G. This also came from Smolensk and Russian. men of Tushino, led by Mikhail Saltykov, Prince. B. Mosalsk-scarring and M. Molchanov, who "serve Pocha prezh all the king ... they are not the same Patriarch blagoslovlyashe and began to speak to them:" Will you come to the catholic apostolic church of righteousness rather than flattery, and will be at your intent is not violation of Orthodox early Christian faith, it will be for you the blessing of all the ecumenical Councils and moe sinful blessing, but will you come with flattery and the violation will be your intent Orthodox early Christian true faith, then do not wake you the grace of God and the Virgin Mary and the Butte cursed GTR all ecumenical councils ". Yakozhe tacos and zbystsya his word. The same lord Michael Saltykov with flattery and tears glagolashe patriarch that he would direct the true sovereign. He blessed them cross. " However, when the blessing came Molchanov [family killer Boris Godunov], then Hermogenes indignant "and led him out of the church IS embossed bezchestne". After that the embassy Filaret and Golitsyn`s gone "from the entire Russian land" in Sigismund`s camp to ask him to give in Russian. kings of his son Vladislav on the terms of the contract concluded with Zolkiewski. Patriarch, true to his desire to recognize Vladislav EDT. CAR