German Kachin

Picture of German Kachin

Date of Birth: 11/29/1937

Age: 58

Citizenship: Russia


German Kachin began his career with memorable character roles, but gradually turned into episodes, and then completely left out in the cold. But every small role, each episode Kachin endowed with bright colors, sparkling humor and eccentricity.

He became interested in theater as a child. After high school, he, without education, took the actor in Kazan Drama Theater, where he worked for about a year. Then Kachin entered VGIK Olga Ivanovna Pyzhova. Already in the first year he was the first "lit up" in the movie. Together with other classmates was in the crowd of the film "Carnival Night". And the first serious work was the role of Vanya in the film adaptation of Tolstoy novel "The Cossacks."

To provide for his family, he became a German Kachin to accept any episodes and communicating roles, engage in dubbing. By the early `70s he was "zashtampovannoe" increasingly it became nameless characters ...

Among the memorable works: Vanya in "Merry rasplyuevskih days," physical education teacher in the "live to see Monday" Sanka Prokhorov in the short film "A hundred steps in the clouds," Pasha Nikitin in the film "The End of the emperor Taiga", Sergey Vasilyev in the film "My House - theater". It Was Herman Nikolayevich and a starring role. It happened almost at the very end of his career - Stepan in the movie "Bear Trail" (1990).

Honored Artist of Russia (1993).

In 1955-56 he worked as an actor at the Kazan Drama Theater. In 1961 he graduated from the VGIK. In 1961-93 - in the film actor Studio Theatre.