Gerard Phillipe

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Date of Birth: 04/12/1922

Age: 36

Place of birth: Cannes

Citizenship: France


Author: Alexander Kuchkin

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But Mina could not wait to find out whether his son will do something with this dazzling beauty Maria Casares. The more so because they are a couple - just lovely sight! It can not be that Gerard was not in love. Elderly woman angrily shuffled deck, spread her cards again. Again the same thing: "Do not love me!" Madame Philip removed the card, then reluctantly got up and went out ( "breath of the Roman heat," as she liked to say). This Gerard pulled her to Rome, in this unbearable duhotischu that she entertained him during prolonged shooting "abode of Parma". The more so because they are a couple - just lovely sight!

Meanwhile, in the town of Rimini, a picturesque seaside Gerard plays the charming Mary salochki. Osaliv, he presses her hand to her chest and looks into her eyes a long expressive look. "Today?" - A barely audible voice, he says. His voice - hope and tenderness. Mary has long been subdued charm of Philip, but every day on various pretexts delayed the moment of intimacy. And mainly because it already has a fiance, actor Jean Servais, but resist the huge clear eyes Gerard, his touching, almost feminine tenderness above its forces ...

... On the day of departure to Paris Madame Philip she broke down and she came to Mary - in the last few days she began to feel that she avoids it. ! "Maria, you are such a wonderful couple Gerard Know, I`ll just be happy if ..." - started to Madame Philip. And then ... "Your son - a monster!" - I blurted Maria and tearfully ran away.

"My Angel - a monster?" - Madam long Philip could not find a place of resentment. Mina had grown accustomed to call Gerard Angel. So it was led to his first performance in 1942 - "Sodom and Gomorrah" in which twenty Phillip really played an angel on the stage of a small but fashionable Parisian theater.

The director of the play by Jean Giraudoux adopted the role of an unknown young boy, barely graduated theater courses in Nice, almost immediately - and not lost. After the premiere, the young actor came success and name. He became Philip Gerard.

Once hidden in the scenes, Giraudoux admiringly watched as people came down to the Angel of Sodom asks from the stage: "Is there clean water I thirst!" "Truly a convincing Angela not find" - thought Giraudoux and suddenly heard a girl`s moans. Turning around, he saw the angel, just a moment ago left the stage with a fierce lust squeezed his girlfriend Bernadette Lange. She almost cried - it seems that Philip was hurting her. However, apparently, Gerard these cries only inflamed. With difficulty breaking away from Bernadette, Angel ran back to the stage, and tight white leotard actor clearly demonstrated to the public it completely carnal desires. Noticing this, Giraudoux hoisted indignation and almost jumped on the stage to steal Gerard and not to shame. By the way, after the story of Bernadette strictly banned from backstage.

Of course, nothing like her mother had no idea. Waiting son of theater, Mina Philip always thought with a smile that her Angel returns to heaven. Indeed, hastily cast off the biblical clothing, Gerard hastened through the dark cold streets of occupied Paris to his home in the "Petit Paradis" (in the lane. With fr. - A small paradise) - a former hotel, during the war transformed into a guest house for the actors, who kept Marseille Philip Gerard father. Here lived Simone Signoret, Yves Allegro, Jacques Dinan, Daniel Zhelen Simon Sylvester ... In a big old-fashioned dining room food was presented as holidays. By midnight, when the tables were already removed, Mina, was fond of divination and spiritism, spirits evoked. At Gerard had a special hobby: in his attic every night after the show, he entertained friends in full, encamping around him on the floor. Skate Philip - mystification and farces, that`s just countless jokes Angela tend to be surprisingly fierce. For example, March 11, 1942, police reported that escaped from prison a dangerous criminal, sinister Dr. Petio. On the same night in the attic Gerard, even before he could erase the angelic makeup, calling the mother of one of her friends:. "Madame Melinand It`s the police We follow the fleeing doctor Petio, and our informants reported that it is moving towards your house. .. "Then follows the order: open the windows and the doors to attract the killer - say, the police caught him as soon as he entered the apartment ... The result of" innocent "entertainment was a massive heart attack from fear distraught elderly woman.

How to Gerard, this cruelty, which does not know even his mother? It is possible that his father, who managed to convince the boy as important in the life of a trick - however, he called Philip Marseille is the quality of mind. Grown rich on suspicious transactions in his native Grasse, Monsieur Philip was a man of sharp-witted and not too choosy in the media. An influential member of the League of Nazi Iron Cross on the French coast, he took the rise to power of the Popular Front in 1936 as a catastrophe. The children - the older and the younger Gerard Jean - Marcel raised tough: the slightest manifestation "slyuntyaystva" suppressed instantly. Father could, for example, to report Mina and Gerard, that Jean was gone, and enjoy their faces, do not forget to shout at his wife, so as not to cry, and his son, to "put away the snot in my pocket."

Fortunately, most of the time his father gave to the care of their business, and the boys nahodilisv gentle and caring hands of Mina. They always saw three. In all the pictures of the time the two boys in the same kasketkah, trousers and coat holding hand smiling Mina. Once, they even managed to get infected with scarlet fever and aching, lying in the same room. Jean-fashioned sort of hanging on a string trolley: with it they passed each other toys, notes and books, as Dr. strictly forbade all three of them get out of bed.

Alas, for poor Mina normal life stopped in October 1944, when her husband was arrested on charges of collaboration. However, Papa Marcel luck, by the time he Gerard has become a famous actor, and most importantly - the son turned out to be a lot of friends and admirers among members of the resistance. With great difficulty, Gerard manages the almost impossible: he sought his father`s conditional release from custody pending trial. And yet the French authorities soon rendered Marcel Philip short and merciless verdict - the highest measure.

The conviction held by correspondence - before sentencing Marcel disappeared. Where? That Mina did not know.

The eldest son, Jean started a family in the French countryside, and Mina settled with Gerard in a small apartment in the center of Paris, in the Tocqueville street. Red wallpaper, samovar, pretentious copper trinkets exhibition, doll kitchen and sentimental shades, where visitors left their autographs. Both - mother and son - did not leave a sad feeling, that in comparison with the house, which they lost after escaping his father, all this - a pathetic parody of the family hearth. In the tiny alcove behind the purple curtain Madame Philip took visitors: now it was considered fashionable fortune teller and the whole Parisian bohemians went to her to know the future.

... The cards are not lied - Gerard and Mary broke up. How did a strange and scary - to be able to predict the fate! How many times Mina promised myself not to lay taro to close. And she could not resist. Once, when making a career of Gerard, she pulled out a map of the devil and not a little frightened. And what? Just a couple of weeks Jacques Sigur offers Gerard role of Caligula. Just think - after Angel transform into the monster! However, Gerard himself simply languished before he would get the role of the bloody Roman tyrant. He did not just get - role has become the pinnacle of his youthful career. Paris Theatre was bursting at the Caligula-Philip, and Mina remembered that after the performances, Gerard returned home like a half-mad. She even demanded that his son threw role seriously fear for his sanity and sincerely believing that the image of Caligula angelic nature is contrary to her boy.

Gerard really worked to exhaustion. On stage and on set, which took all of his daily life, he did not allow himself any favors. And at the end of 1947 his close friend Jacques Sigur not easily persuaded Philip to ride relax in the Great Pyrenees: there with a friend Sigur Anne Nicole Fourcade had a small two-storey house, tucked away in a picturesque valley. Ann, live, slender as a reed, with huge, in half face, dark eyes, Gerard met so friendly if they knew a hundred years. Usually countless fans and friend Gerard turned his idol in a different way. Anne, on the contrary, seemed to be very natural. He liked the fact that she is not an actress and documentary filmmaker, and that it is five years his senior. In the evening, all comfortably settled down by the fire, and once showed Ann Gerard your family album. That is - she, and this - her husband, by the way, is very well-known sinologist Jacques Fourcade. And this is - their son Alain. And they shot all three of them get sick with chickenpox ... "But we still had so much fun - put sitting right there ten year old son, Anne -. Mom invented many funny games!" Gerard like an electric shock. That someone Ann so painfully reminded him: his own mother, Mina, it was in his early childhood. And this boy, Alain, looked adoringly at his mother - the spitting image of it, Gerard. Philip suddenly desperately wanted to return to the happy family atmosphere, sit by the fireplace with Anne, as once they had sat with Mina.

Gerard was not in love: they soon mastered some inexorable persistence child requiring favorite toy. How to sketch a flawless cast, he played in front of Ann amorous passion; all as it should - the views, "accidental" touching hands, sighs, romantic walks in the mountains, and finally an ardent confession. Wishing to get Anne, Gerard could not and would not tolerate the thought that she had a husband; it infuriates the idea that just a few weeks of his Ann leave for a year in Nanjing to join Monsieur Fourcade, head there cultural mission at the French embassy. Quite subdued Gerard, Ann moved to utter confusion of feelings: with her husband she always had a great relationship, and he did not deserve any falsehood or betrayal.

All year almost daily bombarded Anne Philip begging letters: "I know that you have a house and I have no right to destroy it ... And yet, I ask for your hand ..." "You no one will ever love as I".

Of course, he got his way. On his return to Paris, Ann asked her husband a divorce.

Marriage Philip Gerard and Anne Fourcade took place in November 1951 and was very modest. Gerard went off the apartments Mina and settled with his wife in a three-storey apartment opposite the Bois de Boulogne. On a huge wide balcony Gerard personally installed a cage with two doves - a symbol of tender love. They often zahazhivali a select few friends: Rene Clair and his wife, Marian Bakker writer, poet Pierre Pishett. Gerard put them to your favorite jazz records, Anne played the piano. Orphaned Mina also occasionally visited his son, especially since her daughter immediately liked. However, Mina very surprised tone in which Gerard was talking to Anne. He referred to himself in the third person, and always his childhood name: "Jaeger wants to eat", "Jaeger tired." "Gerard, - cautiously said Mina son - believe me, so do not talk to a woman with whom shared a bed." And myself Madame Philip thought, "Lord, do Gerard still a child I, too!" The first generation lover "!" (That`s French press is now called Philip Gerard.)

Unlike the wives of other film stars Anne Philip never went to film with Gerard. She`s even had not occurred. What for? She fully trusted her Jaeger. For Philip had not seen a single novel on the set. Rarely happens - even more so considering the fact that Gerard, as if in obedience to the inexorable law of nature, fell in love with all of its partner to one. Luxury Gina Lollobrigida, who starred with Philip in "Fanfan la tulip", tried in vain to somehow stir up the "first lover". Another well-known beauty Michelle Morgan, during the filming of "puffed up with pride" and "Big maneuvers" at least in vain invited Gerard to dinner at a cozy restaurant ... to his room for a cup of tea ... on a long walk. "Alas, I can not" - followed by the invariable answer. Gerard`s view seemed to be extinguished when turned off the spotlights, became glassy opaque. No matter where the shooting occurred, all repeated the same pattern: after working the required hours on the court, Gerard immediately evaporated the next day. Friendship with members of film crews actor never wound up, strictly observing the distance in relationships with people. Nevertheless, the actor fans were beside themselves with amazement and indignation, when the famous Daniel Daria, partner Phillip for the film "Red and Black", said in an interview that filming with Gerard - like playing in front of a stone wall: all his feelings sterile, and he was inwardly absolutely cold.

Family idyll couple Philip was broken for the first time, when one day, Anne received a very strange telegram. She was at home, completely absorbed in the cares of tiny little daughter Anne-Marie, who was born in December 1954. Gerard had just left to shoot in France zskuyu province.

Postman apologized at length at the door: some problem at the post office, and an urgent telegram to Monsieur Philip received late. However, she came to the address of the theater, but since the company on the road, then he was asked to carry the message of M. Philip home. Sign for her husband, Anne read the following: "Meet the address can not still waiting for Mars...." A telegram sent from Barcelona. At what Barcelona here? And who is Mars? Ann again and again read the mysterious text, not understanding what was going on. In the end, she called her mother-in Mina.

She immediately came and read the telegram, pale and sat down heavily on a chair. Mars was a family nickname of her husband, Marcel Philip. Ever since he disappeared after his death sentence, Ming has not received any news from her husband. The map shows that he`s alive, that`s all. With a heavy heart, choosing his words with difficulty, Mina had to tell their daughter about the tragedy of the family - who is, for what and from whom hides Marseille.

What said Mina with his son after returning from Spain Gerard, no one knows. But after a few days, resolutely sat behind the wheel of his little car, and no one saying a word, the old woman went to Barcelona - to visit her ex-husband. Ironically, they met warm. Marseille are not in poverty, and the affairs of his clandestine business went very well. Mina could not believe his ears when he heard that it was none other than her "angel" Gerard, despite the danger of death, Marcel helped organize an escape to Spain and personally conducted by car to the border. All these years, they secretly communicated, Gerard often visited his father. Upon hearing this, Mina cried. "You are all my life considered herself a good mother, - irritated her tears, cried Marcel, - and that, in fact, do you know about my family ?! angel, wife, kids ... - he mockingly mimicked his wife -. And do you know, for example ... "Mina subdued with a sinking heart listened to the countless mistresses, who were at Gerard in Spain, how often, dressed and made-up to avoid being found out, Jaeger visiting famous local brothel, and could not believe my ears. The baby - so called son Marcel - have often had trouble with the hostess of this institution: Gerard so rudely behaved with the girls, Madame even threatened the client by the court. If not for Marseille and its relation, not to avoid the "first generation lover" grand and shameful scandal. Home Mina returned as in a dream, not knowing what to think.

Gerard Philipe by then, slowly but surely turning into a national shrine. The French and especially the French adore their idol. Hundreds of letters from fans every night the crowd at the theater entrance. Gerard invited abroad - in America, Japan, the USSR, and there, too, ready to be worn on the hands. Removed Philip, by the way, is quite rare. Basically it works in small elite theaters in the center of Paris. After the performance in a tiny dressing room he always waits for the faithful wife Ann with a cup of hot chocolate.

1956 began for the couple, Philip quite happily. In addition their family again - in February, had a son, Olivier. On this solemn occasion, the couple usually lived very closed, invited a few close friends. Champagne, funny exclamations, funny toast. Ann excused briefly leaves the guests to feed the baby. Returning to the living room, she hears an unfamiliar male voice clearly says: "I`m sorry, sir, but X-rays showed that your disease is incurable and life you have no more than six months to sell the house, go out of town and try nothing. think ... "Ann terrified she opens the door and burst into the room. Here are all the same, no new faces, and Gerard, smiling innocently, broadcasting handset. "What happens - asks Anne -. Who told you that?" "Calm down, Jaeger only improvise a bit, - Gerard said this tone offended child -. It was just a joke ..!"

Now Anne often visited Mina. In the afternoon, while Gerard was in the theater, she took the children and brought them to his grandmother on the street Tocqueville. Ann begged mother-decomposed taro Gerard. "No, baby, for what I have promised." - Hesitantly fought Mina. Anne still begged her. Half an hour passed - and children engaged fuss with trinkets grandmother heard of purple curtains frightened cries of the mother and Mina. In the scenario, Gerard had the white card, which meant death.

Shortly after this episode, around the name of Gerard Philip first broke the scandal. Dany Carrel, who played with Philip in "big maneuvers," luchas proudly told my girlfriend (and then another, a third, a tenth ...) that she managed to shake the virtue of the perfect French husband! History, of course, became leaked to the press. In addition Carrel reported on a secret world that Gerard "knows these things", which is difficult to expect from an exemplary family man.

Anne Philip demanded an explanation. They sat on the gazebo, where until recently gentle cooing of the dove two. On the eve of one of the birds died, and Anne found it a bad omen. Gerard tried to delay the conversation, and frowning nervously drummed his fingers on the table. As Ann had hoped in his heart that he now tells her with his children`s broad smile: "What nonsense Throw Jaeger never cheated on his Anne!!!" The silence became unbearable. Suddenly Gerard jumped up, ran into the room and returned with a bundle of letters, and some leaflets. "Read it once so you want to know the truth, read -! Face contorted Gerard Now he looked angry, almost ugly You think that married an angel, but angels do not marry..?" Anne could not shake off the impression that she was in the theater: Gerard Now remind Caligula. He told her everything about mistresses and brothels, where he was known even in the face of a cat, about gambling and hell hoax cost the health is not one person, about the adventures of the Spanish ... "My curse is that God created me only actor ! - Philip shouted in her face -. Some Such is nedosborka realized this a long time ago. ". He threw Anne letter from his closest friend Jacques Sigur written many years ago: "Fight with your selfishness and dry You can recover, but we have to act now! What do you want to become - an angel or a devil, I think we can have a deep and sincere actor..? when you have a breast piece of marble? .. "

... But Anne did not hear anything - saved her swoon. When he came to, she saw before her stands her Jaeger with anxious, gentle and angelic face, "Anne Jaeger only loves you! If Jaeger loves, he loves only you. And the children. Anne, protect its Jaeger! "

Barely a few days after this confession heavy as Gerard suddenly I felt a sharp pain in his stomach. X-ray showed an inflammatory process in the liver. The actor is nominated operation. Under the name of Albert Philip Anne put her husband in one of the best Parisian .klinik. And after the operation she was told that Gerard`s liver cancer.

Upon hearing the sentence, Ann tried to make everything that Gerard did not know the truth. November 24, 1959 called him the father - to warn his son to temporarily refrain from traveling to Spain: there he could be in serious trouble. The son promised. He was sure that his recovery - is a matter of a few days. And the next morning, Philip Gerard died.

At the funeral, nor Anne nor Mina did not utter a single tear. Many noted how suddenly began to look like these two women, old and young, both dressed in black, both with severe and impervious persons suffering lipped. Faithful guardian of the secrets of Philip Gerard. That same evening they both retired to the apartment Mina tightly zadernuv of a purple curtain. What they really are now wondering - God knows.

It took another few years - and the widow of Philip Gerard, Anne Philip, has published several books about her husband. They Gerard appeared exactly as he wanted to see all the French: a model of purity, honesty and virtue. In short, an angel.

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