Gerald And Charlene Gallego

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Citizenship: United States


Gerald Armond (Gerald Armond, 17.07.1946 - 18.07.2002) and Charlene Gallego Udall (Charlene Adelle Gallego, 10.10.1956) - a pair of American serial killer who terrorized Sacramento, California (Sacramento, California), in the period between 1978 and 1980.

They killed a total of 10 people, most of their victims were teenage girls, which they kept as sexual slaves, before killing them.

Gerald Armond was born in 1946 year. His father was a convicted murderer who was executed for the murder of two police officers, his mother constantly changed her boyfriend, but because since childhood, Gerald grew up in a rather brutal atmosphere. Before meeting with Charlene, he succeeded, and threw a large number of women, in his biography, even there are cases of sexual intercourse with his own daughter.

Meeting with Charlene was quite happy coincidence - it looked like the two approached each other perfectly, both enjoyed a fairly rough sex, and in addition, Charlene showed much needed Gerald submission. A week after they met they were sehalisi began to live together. Despite the apparent harmony, this union is quite strange - so soon lovers needed to meet one third of love fantasies. Soon Gerald brought to the house of 16-year-old dancer, `polzovatsya` which, however, could only be himself. Therefore, returning once home, and found the girls in bed, Gerald, boil, dancer threw out of the window, in Charlene was severely beaten.

Soon Charlene has turned out not chosen one Armond, but only its slave. However, the girl herself seemed to be totally against this state of affairs.

Charlene Gallego 10 years younger than her partner, she was born in 1956 in Sacramento, the son of a respected businessman, President of the network of supermarkets. It is known that a child Charlene was a quiet and shy girl, but after the school began its experiment with drugs, which made her the ultimate in indiscriminate and not too law-abiding maiden. Later, she married a man quite secured, but, according to most Charlene obsessed lesbian love scenes. So, she often had to show for her husband scene hot sex with a prostitute hired. Bored, Charlene divorced, and soon married a second time, but the second marriage also did not bring the desired happiness - her husband she described as `mama synka` and soon broke with him.

After that the girl was a brief affair with a married man, and soon met Charlene Gerald.

The victims of this strange and cruel pair was a few girls, all of whom, in one way or another, took part in a fun loving perverts-spouses.

So, in September 1978 it came to Rhonda Scheffler (Rhonda Scheffler) and Kipp Here (Kippi Vaught), 16 and 17, each of which soon got a bullet in the head.

In June 1979, in the State of Nevada (Nevada), 14-year-old Brenda Judd (Brenda Judd) and 13-year-old Sandra Colley (Sandra Colley) did not survive the meeting with the criminals - body naked and raped girls, were found only in 1999 . By the way, two teenage girls were considered to recognize Armond ran away from home.

In April 1980, Charlene and Gerald kidnapped and killed Redikan Stacey (Stacey Redican) and Karen Chipman Twiggs County (Karen Chipman Twiggs), previously also raped them.

In November 1980, Gerald has chosen a young couple the victim - 22-year-old Craig Miller (Craig Miller) and his fiancee, 21-year-old Mary Elizabeth Sowers (Mary Elizabeth Sowers). Miller offender killed almost immediately, and Sowers repeated the fate of its predecessors - it has also been repeatedly raped, and only after it is killed.

Victims of couples become pregnant Linda Aguilar (Linda Aguilar) and Moshel Virginia (Virginia Mochel).

Gerald was convicted of murder in 1984. It is noteworthy that at the trial Charlene testified against him - as a result she has avoided the death penalty, receiving only 16 years and 8 months for the crime in Nevada.

Gerald was convicted of two states - Nevada and California - and was sentenced to death in both cases. Despite the attempt to appeal his pirgovor remained unchanged. He died of colon cancer July 18, 2002, in the prison hospital Medical Center of Nevada.

Charlene was set free in July 1997.