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Date of Birth: 03/03/1940

Age: 76

Birth Place: Orenburg

Citizenship: Russia


Commander of the Order of Friendship (1996).

People`s Artist of Russia (2002).

Author: Igor BIN

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Childhood George Martyniuk held in the Urals, in the postwar Orenburg. Gosha grew a modest, shy kid. His peers spent whole days by the river, and he could hear the clock could round black loudspeaker, especially when passed any dramatic radio show. He listened, and the whole presentation unfolded in his imagination. And gosh liked to be at the rehearsals and performances of his older brother (he worked as an actor in one of the theaters of Orenburg). It was so interesting, and Ghosh dreamed that someday he will come to the scene.

Ghosh was in high school when one day I saw an ad that organized children`s drama group at the City Teacher`s House. He himself was surprised, as it was then he had the courage to come and join. Soon after he made his debut. The boy played a major role in the play "When acacia blossoms." The play really liked the audience, and the Schauspielhaus became even provide them free days in your scene.


George seriously "ill" theater. After high school, he went to Moscow to enter the GITIS. The parents were totally against - enough for one artist to the family. But George was so determined that I had to accept.

The competition was a huge - 200 people in place. But to my surprise George did the first time. And then began student life: study, dormitory, lack of money. Students are running on "Mosfilm", hoping to get at least some small part. But then the crowd is not reached.

In the last year of George Martyniuk, I played a lot of training performances. One of them - "Seeing the White Nights", diploma performance of Pyotr Fomenko (he studied at the directing department GITIS) rocked the whole of Moscow. Then in educational theater it was difficult to get there, ask an extra ticket. Success begins actor attracted the attention of his countrymen. By Georgy came Orenburg theater director and invited to his work, promising to provide an apartment. Very tempting! And George has been tuned in after graduation to return to his hometown, but here ...

The play "Farewell to White Nights" was placed under the patronage of the head of the Moscow Drama Theater (now known as the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya) A.A.Goncharova. The director has attracted a talented student, and on graduation in 1962, he invited him to his troupe. George did not long to choose between Moscow and Orenburg. Since then, he works there.

Debut on screen

At the beginning of his theatrical career Georgy Martynyuk quite a long time had to play epizodicheskieroli. Not going well at first, and with the movie. This, of course, upset the young actor. Fortune smiled on him in 1963, when Vladimir Basov invited to his painting "Silence". Georgy Martynyuk recalls: "It was my first movie and it was a huge success - it was the time of the" thaw "in the film more concerned Stalin`s personality cult, so the film was successful, award-participation in many festivals. Thus, not even dreaming, the first major role I played is not in the theater and in the cinema. "

The following year George Martyniuk starred in another film by Vladimir Basov "Blizzard" - the film adaptation of the novel by AS Pushkin, playing Burmin. Among the other works of the 60s - the role in rural kinopovesti Gregory Chuhraja "There Was an Old Couple", a drama by Vladimir Dovgan "Death Squadron" kinopovesti "Shield and Sword".


In 60 years there have been changes in the personal life of the actor. He married a young actress. As the first wife of George Martyniuk was a Muscovite, and it decided the housing problem. For a time they lived with his wife in a communal apartment, and the living conditions failed to improve with time.

With his future second wife Niele George Martyniuk met at the hospital where she worked as a doctor. Actor, joking, said: "It is a lifetime has found a permanent patient, and I - a family doctor." Together, they have nearly three decades.

the Sign

The turning point in the film career of George Martyniuk began in 1971. Director Vyacheslav Brovkin planned to shoot the TV show "The investigation leading experts" of the Soviet militia activity. The protagonists were to become investigators Znamenskii, Tomin and Kibrit - from the initial letters of their names and adds: "Experts". George Martyniuk Vyacheslav Brovkin knew the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. It`s when they offered the role of Pavel Pavlovich Znamenskoye. On the role of the director Tomina invited Leonid Kanevsky and charming Zinochka Kibrit played actress Studio Theatre actor Elsa Lezhdey.

The first series of "black brokers" aroused great interest among the audience. In the same year it was filmed series "Your real name," "red-handed", "Obey your head", in the next - four series of ... "Experts" conceived as a television show, turned into a real TV series.

With each series and the series grew in popularity. In the mid-70s at a time when on TV "Experts" were another consequence, the streets are literally dying. The famous trio of investigators enjoyed incredible people`s love. Georgy Martynyuk recalls: "I was struck such an avalanche of fame, even impossible poulitse had to pass, so as not to hear," Pavel Pavlovich! ". I think people, and the names of my present did not know I was for them - Pavel Pavlovich the Sign. " What was the reason for this adoration. Just people have seen in the "Expert" the most ideal type of policeman. Fair, charming, courageous, intelligent.

To better get used to the images, "Experts" often came to Moore, attended the interrogation, went to the scene, there were search warrants. Georgy Martynyuk recalls how he once was present at the interrogation: "As always, a prisoner, a young guy, we were introduced to the police. At some point, the investigator could not resist and shouted at the guy, even banged his fist on the table a few times. The prisoner suddenly turned in my direction and said, "But the investigator the Sign of untried always talking only polite."

Hostage image

The whole episode was filmed under the strict control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As they say, no steps to the right or to the left. From a series of a series of "Experts" do the same thing, and the actors, of course, it became boring. "Sometimes I was even boring to play this role, - says Georgy Martynyuk. - There is nothing in the evolving nature ". Actors have repeatedly appealed to the proposals to make some changes in the plot, for example, add your personal life heroes. But, getting regular script, we saw more of the same: interviews, visits, investigations, and the actors had no choice, how to put on their usual masks.

The role of the actor brought the Sign-Union is not only the glory and love, it is practically closed doors Georgy Martynyuk in a great movie. The directors did not want to invite him to their films, - the actor has become very recognizable. For two decades he appeared in twenty-two series of "experts" and only in a pair of triple films. And in those pictures to remember, perhaps, only a small role Luzhin ( "The Dawns Here Are Quiet").

And at this time in the theater Georgy Martynyuk played a variety of characters, often characteristic and comedy. After years of work in the theater, he was engaged in the performances: "Lulu" by F. Wedekind (Shchigolev); "Meteor" by F. Durrenmatt (Great Myuggeym); "If ..." S. Aleshin (wing); "An hour before midnight" (Erich Hansen); "Grandmaster score" (Philip); "To leave to remain" (Vadim); "Happy Days unhappy man" Arbuzov (first); "Don Giovanni" by J. -B. Moliere (Piero); "Mother of Jesus" by A. Volodin (Roman); "Curtains" (Peter); "Vacation of wounds" by V. Kondratiev (Zhukovsky); "Moscow - Petushki" V. Yerofeyev (Venichka Yerofeyev); "Soldiers are not born" Simonov (Zakharov); "Golden Carriage" Leonid Leonov (Timokha); "Barbarians" Gorky (Pribytkin); "Deeps" by Alexander Ostrovsky (Borovetz); "Goblin" by Anton Chekhov (Orlovsky); "The Idiot" by F. Dostoyevsky (Yepanchin); "King, Queen, Knave" Nabokov (Maine).

It is also true in the theater sometimes had a hard time - theater-goers, too, watching TV, and they have often formed the stereotypical perception. Georgy Martynyuk recalls how he and Leonid Kanevsky played in the play "indictment." Their characters were two convict. Naturally, when the curtain opened and the audience saw on the bunk famous Znamenskoye and Tomina, first took them aback, and then began a general laughter. Sometimes, because of this performance could not start in fifteen minutes.

90 years

The latest series of "experts" - "Mafia" - was released in 1989. This film career was interrupted for a long time George Martyniuk. He recalls: "The timing was absolutely incomprehensible. And our work came to a standstill. Movies are not filmed theater people too stopped going. Apparently, it was not before. Often, a performance the audience in the hall was less than stage actors. Hence, the financial problems. Like all the while ... "

In these difficult years, the only consolation for George Martyniuk remained theater. Yes, the audience was small, but what to do, even for a viewer to play with full dedication. Sometimes, the actor earned in advertising. They paid much more than work on the stage. Grimaces troubled times ...


When in the late 90`s George Martyniuk invited to his painting "Secrets of Palace Revolutions" director Svetlana Druzhinin, it was a pleasant surprise for him. Especially that the actor and the character got quite unusual for him - Archbishop Feofan Prokopovich. He admits that this role then played with great pleasure.

And in 2000, suddenly the idea of ??recreating the "experts". The director of the new series was made by Vladimir Hotinenko. On the role of the Sign and Tomina invited all the same George Martyniuk and Leonid Kanevsky, but with Kibrit ... wonderful actress Elsa Lezhdey had already passed away. It was decided to introduce a new series of the investigator - Kitaev. This role is entrusted Lydia Velezheva.

The new series of "experts" came when the TV screen was awash with detective series. However, at first the audience embraced enthusiastically continued. Apparently affected nostalgia. Sam George Martyniuk says: "This is the case when to enter the same river twice was nice. And exciting! "The following year, six movies were filmed, but they have not caused much interest. A wave of nostalgia passed ...

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