Georgiy Vernadskiy

Picture of Georgiy Vernadskiy

Date of Birth: 08/20/1887

Age: 85

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Born August 20, 1887 in St. Petersburg. In 1905 he entered the History Department of History and Philology of Moscow University. Among his academic teachers were Kliuchevsky, A.A.Kizevetter, R.Yu.Vipper. In 1906 Vernadsky traveled to Germany, where he attended lectures at the University of Freiburg G.Rikkerta. He graduated from the University in 1910. In 1913-1917 - assistant professor of St. Petersburg University. For political beliefs Vernadsky was close to the Cadet Party. After the February Revolution, he edited the publication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Country Gazette". In 1917-1918 he headed the department of Russian history at the University of Perm, where they were created "Society of historical, philosophical and social knowledge." In 1918-1920 - Professor Tauride University in Simferopol. After the defeat of the troops of Wrangel Vernadsky emigrated to Constantinople. In 1922-1927 - professor of Russian Law Institute in Prague. He participated in the workshop (later Institute) N.P.Kondakova, under whose influence turned to the study of the relationship of the steppe, Byzantine and Slavic cultures. During this period, moving closer to the Eurasians and justifies the historical theory of Eurasianism in several papers: Inscription in Russian history, 1927; Experience the history of Eurasia, 1934; Links of Russian culture, 1938. Vernadsky singled in Russian history different epochs associated with the fight actually began Eurasian ( "step"), and alien to their European elements ( "Forest"). The last win in the 16th century. and open the way to a total of Europeanization. In line with the Eurasian doctrine, he stressed the importance of Oriental influences on Russian culture and the positive aspects of the era of Mongol rule: the establishment of a strong state, national unity, limiting Western influence and the formation of distinctive cultural traditions. In 1927 Vernadsky receives an invitation from Yale University, and moved to the United States. In 1929 he publishes a one-volume history of Russia (last edition 1969). From 1931 he taught at Yale, Harvard, Columbia and Chicago universities. He has published a number of papers on various periods of Russian history: The Russian Revolution: 1917-1932, 1936; The political and diplomatic history of Russia, 1936; five-volume History of Russia: Ancient Rus `(1943), Kievan Rus` (1948), Mongolia and Russia (1953), Russia in the Middle Ages (1958), Muscovy (1968). In 1958, Columbia University awarded an honorary doctorate Vernadsky humanities. In 1965 he was elected honorary president of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. Vernadsky died in New York on June 12, 1973.