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Date of Birth: 07/11/1903

Age: 89

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

"Theatre of Koshchey" weekly "Alphabet" No.19, 2000

Author: Hope Turikova

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Ironically FIRST TALE involving Millyar occurred in my life. The actor played Cinderella. George Franzevich property man worked in a provincial theater, but dreaming about the scene, learned all the roles by heart. And then - it happened! Sudden illness actress. In the theater panic. We`ll have to cancel the performance. But someone remembered diligent props ... Surprise debut was a success, and on the shoulders of a young Millyar laid another duty - to be "first aid". So in 1920 he began acting career George Frantsevich. And in 1924 he was already a well-known provincial actor - arrives in the Junior School at the Moscow Theater of the Revolution (now the Theatre Mayakovsky.). "In terms of psychological data - recalled Millyar - I was" serious "student, and many teachers have me if abandoned to their impatience is not mingled with a sense of professional curiosity, caused, as they say in the theater environment, the difficulty of the material soon Millyar ranked. theater strong position: he was loved by the staff and was considered a repertoire of actors from the theater he "drove" himself in 1938 when he finally went to the cinema..

GEORGE Franzevich claimed that he "represents the evil spirits in the film." Unmatched Baba Yaga, the devil, frights, water, Koschei and unfulfilled dream - the role of Suvorov. It was said that from Millyar would have made a good Voltaire: "poisonous scorpion sting," the best way to drizzling bile snide witticisms Frenchman. By the way, Millyar himself - Blood father - Marseille French, mother - Siberian Irkutsk. Favorite holiday Frantsevich George - July 14 storming of the Bastille. His he never "miss." Besides jokes and aphorisms Millyar no way inferior to wit his famous compatriot. "Alphabet Millyar" - a kind of literary and cinematic rarity. He copied by hand, reprinted, but George Franzevich constantly adding something new. For example, "B", "goddess of cinema - Hmelpomena". Or "B": "Validol - aristocratic snack for brandy." With the "green snake" George Franzevich was on "you". This actor indulge his weakness until the last days of life. He died in June 1993, slightly nedotyanuv to the 90th anniversary.

When choosing roles Franzevich George fell into two extremes: either he was asking himself, or his long urged. On the role of Baba Yaga Millyar "cheeky" volunteered. In "Vasilisa the Beautiful" Millyar played three roles, but it indicated in the credits only once. When the collected reviews, we found that all admiring the performer of the role of Baba Yaga, wondered why uncredited actress surname. "Actress" and voiced the role of "myself." "There are such old woman with a smoky-voiced" - with knowledge of the matter asserted Millyar.

But "persuade" the actor had a lot more often. In 1941, on the "Soyuz-detfilme" it was decided to put a patriotic tale "End Koshchey Immortal". Asked who will play Koshchey, playwright Vladimir Schweitzer and director Alexander Rowe replied in one voice: "Of course, George Franzevich!" Millyar "zakapriznichal": "I can not Talent is not enough!" But the experience of "persuasion" actor has been: Millyar often invited to the studio to discuss the individual scenes of the film. Then one day he came up for discussion with the shaved head and eyebrows shaved (he always did, to facilitate the work of make-up). Everyone understood: Millyar decided to act. Premiere of the film "Bag of Bones" was held May 9, 1945. Cinema could not accommodate all those wishing to see the picture and the screen is taken out of the area.

IN THE LIFE OF GEORGE Franzevich was only one woman - Mary V., his wife, who died in April 1999. Married Millyar when he had turned 65. Before that he happened not quite harmless hobby, to be held in places not so remote that it was possible for a few years. Actually, based on exactly these reasons Frantsevich George and married to Maria Vasilievna. Millyar lived in a communal apartment. So he settled for the wall of a new neighbor. Rowe called Millyar and demanded: "Get married Close see off not!.." The wedding was cinematic: walking in the expedition, in Zvenigorod, the first day of filming of "barbarian beauty, long braid."

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