Georgiy Kulesha

Picture of Georgiy Kulesha

Date of Birth: 02/23/1866

Age: 64

Place of birth: Belsky County

Citizenship: Russia


George S. Kulesza was born in 1866 in Bielsko County.

He received his medical degree and becoming a doctor, more than 25 years as a dissector at the city hospital in St. Petersburg.

Doctoral dissertation he defended in 1898 on the topic `About pneumonia at kori`. A little later, this large-scale anatomopathological and bacteriological work already released as a book.

From 1915 to 1922 he headed the department Kulesza of Pathological Anatomy at the Psychoneurological Institute, and that he was able to organize the work of chair at a very high academic level. In addition, Kulesza was the author of a textbook on pathological anatomy.

In 1923 George Stepanovich moved to Crimea in Simferopol, where he received a professorship at the University of Crimea.

In 1926 Kulesza was head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy in the Kuban Medical Institute. Again, he was able to put the educational process at the University at an all-time high. So, he was the first to accompany lectures for medical students slide presentation.

The main interest was Kuleshov pathology and microbiology of acute infectious diseases. In addition, it examined in detail the pathological anatomy of goiter, and had a very large study of tuberculosis and other diseases in the Crimea and North Caucasus.

His research became a classic work in microbiology. Among the most famous of his published works - `Oh pneumonia at kori`,` bacilli carrier and control nimi`, `By the pathological anatomy of Asian holery` and a two-volume textbook` pathological course anatomii`. By the way, the second volume of this book came out after the death of George Stepanovich, who died in 1930.

It is known that many specialized medical journals honored if the memory of the outstanding scientist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, placed on the pages of their newspapers and obituaries.