George Viii

Picture of George Viii

Age: 59

Citizenship: Georgia


During the reign of George VIII ended a long process of splitting a single Georgian feudal monarchy into regional kingdoms. The first of the united kingdom split Samtskhe-Satabago. In western Georgia, with the claim made in the reign of Bagrat eristavi, declared Giorgi war. At the Battle of Chihori (1463) George VIII was defeated.

In 1465 the head of the Samtskhe-Satabago atabag Kvarkvare II captivated George VIII. Taking advantage of this, Bagrat declared himself king of Georgia (1466). George VIII (1466) Freed from captivity, was forced to return to Kakheti, which gave rise to the Kakheti office.

Attempt to King George VI II creation of anti-Ottoman coalition

George VIII was the first Georgian king who sent an embassy to Europe (1458-1459) to create anti-Ottoman coalition.

A year earlier, Pope Calixtus III agreed to the request of the king on the election of the Patriarch of Georgia. Subsequently, George VIII and Kvarkvare II declared themselves subjects of the Pope chose is already in Georgia, the papal nuncio Franciscan Louis Bologna and made a request to the newly elected Pope Pius II on the approval of the selection. Louis Bologna presented the Pope ambassadors George VIII, who proclaimed the unity of all Georgians, "... Your Nuncio (Louis Bologna) ordered to put up, and we are now ready to start a war with the Ottoman Empire, as soon as you order. 120,000 soldiers ready to fight with the emperor Mohamed in Asia ... ". Pope Pius II approved the selection of the Nuncio and tried to strengthen the anti-Ottoman coalition in alliance with European kings. For his part, Louis Bologna tried unsuccessfully to keep the unity of Georgia to fight them in the established anti-Ottoman coalition.

Ambassadors of Georgia also attended the audience with the King of France Charles VII and his son, Louis XI (1461-1482). Unfortunately, the result was not achieved, as in Europe followed the path of reconciliation with the Ottoman imperiey.Semya and children

George has been married twice: to Tamara, the daughter atabag Samtskhe Kvarkvare Jakeli III (until 1445) and Nestan Darejan-(up to 1456). the first marriage were born:

Vakhtang. Prince, "a provincial king." He was married to Gulkan N.

Keteon (Christine), Princess. She was married to Prince Vakhushti Shalikashvili

Elena, Princess. She was married to Spiridon Beenashvili.

the second marriage were born:

Alexander I, king of Kakheti (1476 - 1511)

Mary, Princess. She was married to the son of Aragvi Eristavi Vameka Shaburidze

Daughter (name unknown). She was engaged to the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI and killed during the siege of Constantinople in 1453.