George Ii

Picture of George Ii

Date of Birth: 07/20/1890

Age: 56

Place of birth: Tato

Nationality: Greece


George was born in the royal villa in Tato (Tatoi), near Athens (Athens); He was the eldest son of the Greek King Constantine I (King Constantine I of Greece) and his wife Prussian Princess Sophia (Princess Sophia of Prussia). George chose a military path - in 18 years, he joined the Prussian Guard. Later, the young prince for some time participated in the Balkan war (Balkan War) as part of an infantry division.

In 1913, his grandfather George was killed; Georg itself then became Crown Prince and Duke of Spartan (Duke of Sparta). During World father George was overthrown by rebels; Georg - at that time already promoted to Major - went into exile with his father. The new king of Greece was the brother of George Alexander (Alexander); however, in essence, he was only a puppet in the hands of the rebels.

Alexander died in 1920, listed on the monkey bite infection. His patron, Prime Minister Elefterius Venizelos (Eleftherios Venizelos) soon thereafter lost a position in the government; People will have returned to the royal throne of Constantine. Crown Prince George, meanwhile, continued to engage in military affairs - by the time onvoeval in Turkey, in the first rank of colonel, then - with the rank of Major General.

February 27, 1921 the first George married his cousin, the Romanian Princess Elizabeth (Elisabeth of Romania).

At the Battle of Dumlupinar (Battle of Dumlup & # 305; nar) Turks defeated the Greeks; the military responded to it quite quickly - relegating Constantine and putting in its place of George.

On the throne, George sat September 27, 1922 th; In October 1923, the Cavaliers had tried to take power into their own hands, but did not succeed. Revolutionary Committee insisted that George left his throne; King refused to deny, however, left the country, going to Romania (Romania). March 25 th 1924, Greece became a republic; Georg was officially deposed, deprived of citizenship and all their possessions.

George`s wife lived mainly in Bucharest (Bucharest), while the prince traveled quite active; often he wandered by the UK (Britain), or visiting his mother in Florence (Florence). In 1932, George finally left Romania and moved to Britain. Children with Elizabeth he did not appear; July 6, 1935 the first George and Elizabeth officially razvelis.V period from 1924 till 1935, the first in Greece 23-fold change of government, has worked as a dictatorship and has experienced 13 coups. In October 1935 the government was once again overthrown by General Georgios Kondylis (Georgios Kondylis). November 3, 1935 the first 98% of voters were in favor of a revival of the monarchy; vote, by the way, there was no secret - and participate in it on a mandatory basis.

In Greece, George returned on November 25; almost immediately the newly-born king quarreled with Kondylis and appointed a new prime minister Konstantinos Demertsisa (Konstantinos Demertzis). In January, new elections were held; Parliament filled Communists, standing against the monarchy. A number of well-known politicians, died unexpectedly (among others, the sad fate Demertsisa and Kondylis). He came to power Ioannis Metaxas (Ioannis Metaxas) - the new dictator of Greece. He founded the fascist regime of George, apparently supported; However, despite the overall orientation of pro-fascist regime and fairly close relations with Nazi Germany (Germany) at the beginning of the Second World Georg clearly he stood on the side of Britain.

October 28, 1940 th Metaxas rejected an Italian ultimatum - and thereby laid the foundation of the Greek-Italian war. The defending Greeks highly successful; however, 6 April 1941, the Germans intervened in the conflict - and already April 23 the King and the government were forced to flee from the mainland to Crete (Crete). However, and with Crete George eventually had to flee; shelter found himself the king, first in Egypt (Egypt), and then - in the UK. During the war, Georg formally remained head of the country; however, in Greece, greater and greater force gaining resistance - George does not sympathize. King just disown Metaxas regime; This, to some extent, played in his favor.

March 31, 1946 the first successful monarchists won a majority of seats in parliament; September 1, a referendum. 69% were in favor of the return of the king. George returned to Greece on September 26; his palace was sacked, cut down forests in the Tato, and the country was in distress openly. Make a lot especially to remedy the situation had not Georg - 1 April 1947, he died from atherosclerosis. Royal throne passed to his younger brother Georg, Paul (Paul).