George I

Picture of George I

Date of Birth: 05/28/1660

Age: 67

Place of birth: Hannover

Citizenship: United Kingdom

George I

Son granddaughter of King James I, Georg Ludwig in 1698 became the Elector of Hanover. On the English throne he ascended in accordance with the Act of Succession 1701, which provided the transfer of royal power-Protestants applicants. In their series of Georg he stood third after Princess Anne and her mother. But in June 1714, his mother died, and the former by the time Queen Anne two months later. Whig Party, which controlled parliament, called for the government of George. Not knowing a word in English, the king talked with his ministers in the French language. A particularly important role during the reign of George I played Prime Minister Robert Walpole. He married another king in 1682 his cousin Sophia Dorothea, but 12 years later, he accused her of infidelity, divorce and imprisoned in the castle of Alden, where she died after 32 years. Rumors about this widely spread at the court, which did not contribute to the popularity of the king, as well as greed egodvuh German mistresses. The king hated his son, the future King George II of, around which rallied the opposition. After a series of scandals, it is the opposition helped the king to save his honor, but the king was forced to remove his henchmen from the Cabinet and rely on their opponents.