George Grote

Picture of George Grote

Date of Birth: 11/17/1794

Age: 76

Citizenship: United Kingdom


The first important contribution to the Grotto in the study of the history of ancient Greece was an article criticizing the book by William Mitford History of Greece, published in Westminster obozrenii` `(` Westminster Review`). After that, the Grotto recognized as an authoritative scholar, but in the coming years (1833-1841) he was a member of the House of Commons, was not able to do science. Therefore, the long-awaited first volume of the History of Greece (History of Greece) appeared only in 1846, and the twelfth (and last) volume was published ten years later. The history of the Grotto was a success, and today, some scientists believe that it is the best history of Greece in English, but many parts of it have become outdated in the light of noveyshihotkryty in epigraphy and papyrology. In 1860, Groth became treasurer of the University College in London in 1868 - its president, and from 1862 until his death he held the post of Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. Groth died in London June 18, 1871