George Georgiu-deg

Picture of George Georgiu-deg

Date of Birth: 08/11/1901

Age: 63

Place of birth: Barlad

Citizenship: Romania


With 18 years participated in the labor movement. In 1930 he joined the Communist Party of Romania (CRC). In 1932 he elected Secretary of the Central Committee of the action Vserumynskogo railroad workers. In the summer of 1933 for participating in the organization of the strike of railwaymen and oil (Jan.-Feb. 1933), he was sentenced to 12 years hard labor. In 1935 in absentia co-opted into the Central Committee of the CRC 23.8.1944 in connection with the preparation of an armed uprising against the regime of the gene. J. Antonescu Communist Party organized an escape from a concentration camp G. Tirgu Jiu After the liberation of Romania (aug. 1944) led the capture of the Communists, supported by the authorities of Soviet troops in the country and the establishment of the communist dictatorship in Romania in 1944-46, Minister of Transport and Communication has played a leading role in creating one-party communist government in early 1945. in October. 1945 was elected general secretary of the Central Committee of the CRC (from October. 1955 1st Secretary of the CC) V1948-521 first deputy chairman in 1952-55 chairman of the Council of Ministers. Brutally suppressed the opposition in the country, established in Romania regime of personal power. At the beginning of the 1950s. He sent almost all the Serbian and Croatian population in remote areas of the country. Headed conduct of forced collectivization, during which has been arrested more than 80 thousand. People. Since March 1961 the chairman of the State Council of PHP. In 1965 in the USSR Liski it was renamed Gheorghiu-Dej (the historical name restored in 1991).

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