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Citizenship: Russia


Hereditary nobleman, a native of Bessarabia, a retired lieutenant, and the Bessarabian landowner of Podolsk lips. At the turn of the century it was known as the author of several works on the problems of the financial sector and the gold standard. He made reports in the Free Economic Society, the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, on the agricultural international Congress in Budapest in 1896. Member of the Russian Assembly (PC). He stood at the origins of the Union of Russian People (SRN), one of the first meetings in the apartment AI Dubrovin suggested contact Russian Monarchist Party (RMP), established and led by VA Gringmut, which Butm de Katzman was familiar personally. (Later, in connection with the death Gringmut he published 30 September. 1907 "Petersburg Gazette" obituary, which outlined the history of creation and activity of RMP). He was elected a candidate member of the first members of the Main Board of the NRC. In 1906 he collaborated in the main body of the NRC newspaper "Russian banner" on the currency and the Jewish question. In the same year he published his became widely known anti-Masonic and anti-Zionist work "The Constitution and political freedom", "enemies of the human race", "Freemasonry and treason. Diatribe "et al., Dedicating their NRC. Butm de Katzman argued for the preservation of autocracy as a native Russian state system. But he objected to the return to the old order of things, when there was in fact not "King of autocracy and monarchy ministers" when "the bureaucracy has created a wall between the King and the people." In accordance with the classical ideas of the Slavophiles, he believed that the political system of Russia lacks an important element - Great Zemsky Sobor, which is in contrast to the State Duma will be "not from politicians, not from the noisy Jews and mysterious Freemasons, seek to take power into their own hands" and of people "who want to establish a firm order in Russia, in order to then return safely to their economic affairs." The external enemies and internal adversaries pull away from Russia, claimed Butm, only when "all the Russian people, great and small, to unite in harmonious order, they freely established around the Sovereign Master of the Russian land." One of the first publishers of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which issued in 1905 in St. Petersburg, Kazan and Chisinau (together with PA Krushevanom). He participated in the congresses and meetings of representatives of right-wing organizations. At the 4th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Moscow on April 26. - May 1, 1907 (All-Russian Congress of the United Russian People) made a presentation on "Practical way to solve the Jewish question." He served as the First All-Russian Congress of the right printing, which took place in the framework of the 4th Congress. At the Moscow Congress (Congress of Russian People in Moscow on September 27 - October 4, 1909..) Sent a report "On the national economic revival of Russia", which anxiously drew attention to a strange feature of the government`s fiscal policy: in excess of exports over imports is increasing external debt of the state, that threatens to turn into financial bondage Russia. The decision on the report Butm de Katzman Congress decided to draw the Government`s attention to the need for urgent revision of the existing monetary policy.

From 1907 he began to engage in public activities occasionally, with the head stepping into the household works. In 1906 exploration work has been completed in Tkvarcheli, where in 1898 he discovered deposits of coal. In 1908 Butm de Katzman has established a number of joint-stock company "Tkvarcheli coal mines" persons. However, through various machinations he had taken away the right to competitors. Began many years of litigation, it takes a lot of time, effort and money. Occasionally bumping to the capital, he appeared in the press and reports. So in 1910 Butm de Katzman 3 read a report in the PC "Brilliant finances and ruin Russia" (March 10), "On the financial and monetary currency" (March 19) and "Golden Cross" (April 9.). Butm de Katzman was among the founders of the Orthodox Kamchatka brotherhood, which organized the Kamchatka missionary, the future Metropolitan. Kirovohrad and Mykolayiv Nestor (Anisimov).

In 1912 he returned for a time to community activism, was elected to the Grand Chamber of the Union of Russian People`s them. Archangel Michael (RNSMA). In 1912-1913 Butm de Katzman actively participated in the activities of the Union. January 25. In 1912 he was elected to the Commission, which was an appeal to the Russian people, aimed at quieting the company in connection with the Bishop case. Thermogenic (Dolganova). April 28. included in the Commission prepared to discuss the main member of the Pas-armor Yu.S.Kartsevym booklet to commemorate the 300-le-ment of the Romanov dynasty. He participated in the work of the 5th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in St. Petersburg, 16-20 May 1912, delivered a speech in which he spoke of a crying shame, when foreign businessmen in Russia in relation to the loan raised in conditions much more favorable than the Russian entrepreneurs. December 20. Butm 1912 participated in the general meeting RNSMA, which discussed the decision of the 5th Sh oo tin buil to combine all the right alliances. The meeting discussed the draft of VP Sokolova (merger into a single organization) and SA Volodimerova (preservation of independent organizations in strengthening the co-ordination). Butm de Katzman advocated the most mild variant of association, when the "right-wing organizations, for bringing to the attention of the government of its wishes, in cases where they deem it necessary, bring about their actions to the attention of like-minded organizations, and depends on them - to take decisions handed down concerning these actions, note, or a manual. " He was elected a member of the commission set up for a final decision on the matter. December 23. Commission about stuff like that, and adopted a resolution. In October. 1913 Among the other members of the Grand Chamber RNSMA signed greeting civil party in the trial of Bayliss GG Zamyslovsky and A. Shmakov. It was at his suggestion RNSMA a brochure of one of the experts in the trial of Bayliss priest I.Pranaytisa "Blood Mystery of the Jews", 1000 copies. which were sent to Kiev during the process.

In 1914-1917 Butm de Katzman again only occasionally participated in a right-monarchist movement. At the suggestion of N. Tikhanovich-Savitsky, he agreed to participate in the Nizhny Novgorod Meeting (All-Russian monarchist meeting in Nizhny Novgorod right organizations authorized 26-29 Nov. 1915), but for some reason could not attend and sent only its report. In a 1916 -. N. 1917 a number of prominent figures of the monarchist movement tried to organize a congress, which had planned to elect an authoritative and influential single monarchic Council. Butm regarded as one of candidates to the Board. June 1, 1917 he was interrogated Extraordinary Investigation Commission of the Provisional Government of participation in the rules of organization and rules of the road. According to some reports, he was shot in 1919 in Kislovodsk.