Georg Camel

Picture of Georg Camel

Date of Birth: 04/21/1661

Age: 45

Place of birth: Brno

Citizenship: Germany


Georg Josef Kamel (German Georg Joseph Kamel; April 21, 1661, Brunn - 2 May 1706 in Manila.) - Jesuit missionary and botanist.

Kamel was born in 1661 in the family of Andrew Kamel. After finishing the local Jesuit school, November 12, 1682, he entered the Jesuit order. The hospital received the monastic skills in practical medicine. After the novitiate was an assistant physician, and in 1686 he taught medicine at the Jesuit school. In 1687 he was sent to the Jesuit mission in Mexico, and in 1689 was in Manila in the Philippines.

In Manila, he worked in the college of St. Ignatius pharmacist, but also helped care for the sick. He opened the first pharmacy in the Philippines, in the pharmacy medicines are issued free of charge to the poor. He studied the local flora in search of medicinal plants and laid a large botanical garden, where they grow the European and local medicinal plants. Dahl wrote the book "Herbarium aliarumque stirpium in insula Luzone Philippinarum" (Herbs and medicinal plants of the island of Luzon, Philippines) and a description accompanied drawings. Incidentally described the plant Strychnos Sancti Ignatii (Faba Sancti Ignatii), contains the alkaloid strychnine.

Since 1690 he was in correspondence with the English naturalist John Ray and James Petiverom. Kamel manuscripts are stored mainly in the British Museum. His collection is in the Catholic University of Louvain.

Also known under the name Kamellus. Rhode kamelievyh was named in his honor Carl Linnaeus.