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Date of Birth: 07/03/1837

Age: 45

Place of Birth: Prince Edward

Citizenship: United States


After studying at the medical faculty in 1857, Henry Draper year traveled abroad and, in particular, has visited the estate of Lord Ross in Ireland, where he saw a 72-inch reflector "Leviathan", the former at that time the largest telescope in the world. This, apparently, has made a lasting impression on him because, vo-pervyh, he decided to use the photo is in astronomical research and vo-vtoryh returning to America, started manufacturing and construction of the telescope observatory for him on the estate of his father Hastings -on-Hudson.

On the plate with wet colloidal emulsions G.Dreper was one of the first high-quality photographs of the Moon, the Sun and the solar spectrum (for this purpose it has developed the exact mechanism of the telescope time reference). He was the first in August 1872 received a photograph of the spectrum stars - Vega.

From 1879 he worked with the dry emulsions, which can significantly reduce the time of exposure, and photographed spectra of bright stars and planets.

Working independently of each other, and U.H

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Genry Dreper photo
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