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Source: Weekly "Alphabet" No. 25, 2000.

When the war began. Gene was 8 and a half years. In the 41st he was alone: ??his father went to the front as a volunteer and his mother and three sisters, my brother and I stole the Germans to the West. Gene narrowly escaped captivity and went to wander the cities and villages. Feed that God sends, he slept in the forests and steppes, in the trenches and craters in the old barn, and when bad luck - in porch, if shelter compassionate people. He nailed to the soldiers, but no one did not take long.

His war he started near Odessa at the station separately, graduated in Prague at the rank of junior sergeant of the Guards (12 and a half years!) And fighting awards - medals "For Courage" and "For Service in Battle". For the salvation of a single air defense battalion flag was even presented the Order of the Red Banner, but the division headquarters grabbed his head: mind you there is something poshodili - children to the highest military awards represent ?! Although by all the canons of the rescue unit banner relied highest award, staff officers or reinsured, or greedy, or in a black envy. Yes, God is with them! The war came to an end - he is alive and well, no wounds, scratches and bruises do not count, shell-shocked, though, for once firmly, but because oklemalsya ...

A medal "For Courage" was to save the communicator-soldier. Sam-Gene served as a liaison - is when the desired order or a report can not be sent by technical means, it is running, crawling, and often on a horse was wound by squadrons, their companies, divisions. Under the explosions of bombs and mines, under the whistle of bullets, which you hear, if the bullet will fly over the ear. Will not find it, because communication, according to him, was "Come in very lousy", is in the midst of fighting had often.

One had come with his uncle Zhora Petrosyan seek to break the link. Seven Kilometers probably walked, checking the wire until you find damage. Petrosyan joined the broken wires, connected to the communications, reported on the implementation of the task. And at that moment there was a mine explosion. Uncle Zhora fell threw himself. "Bother him, but he was unconscious. He took his and his individual packages, bandaged and blood still gushing. Guessed: it is necessary to harness. Dirk I was present commander, I snapped them the lead from the handset, twisted leg, how force enough, and pulled on the cape uncle Zhora. For three hours, probably dragged, until he fell half-dead from impotence. Well, that was quite a number of his - cried ... "

Petrosyan with seriously wounded thigh was sent to the field hospital, then to the hospital, and more Gena did not see him. And only after 20 years of being on a business trip in Yerevan, I asked at random to help. "A middle name?" - "I do not know". - "Yes, we have a quarter of Yerevan Petrosyan, a quarter of them - Georgia". Went to the draft board, there is also: "How middle name?" - "I do not know, but I know in kakoychasti served, where the wounded and the age of about ...." - "Well, that`s another matter." Found. That was a meeting! All relatives overnight in the house nabilas. Old George Vazgen`s father raised his glass and the first toast to the savior of his son began with the words: "You are our dear grandson!" ...

LIFE AFTER WAR move in zigzags. Past the Suvorov Military School slipped twice. For the first time after the concussion (then just went out Stalin`s order of sending pupils acting parts in the rear in the study). Came in Kharkov they Suvorov twenty boys from different fronts. Put to him such campaigner, was overcome that boredom was terrible. And Gene ran to catch up with his 4th Guards Kuban Cossack Cavalry Corps under the command of the famous general Alexander Pliev. Dohnal in Romania near the border with Hungary. Naplel his immediate commander: School crowded, no place, this and that ... I do not say the same, that fled, especially to the front ...

After the war was sent to the Moscow Suvorov. He arrived in the capital, was the Office of the Suvorov Military School on the Arbat, and there kakoy-to colonel, full of creaking harness, Drop, "Where do we take you to the end of October - all have long been studying." And: Kru-d arsh!

There is a step-by Moscow our Gena, terribly upset, what to do - do not know. Towards the Lieutenant General. Gene, as expected, under the visor. General stops him: who, they say, how and where? Gene responsible for the entire form, but his tears in his eyes. General listens and says: "Come on, come with me!" And it starts in the Central Committee of Komsomol. Lieutenant-General knew there. (You bet! It was the A. Ignatiev, a well-known diplomat, author of the famous book "50 years in the ranks." But then Gene about it, of course, no idea). Gen. Gene started to Secretary of the Mikhailov, Mikhailov called the head of the Office of labor reserves. He proposed two vocational schools to choose from - one trained electricians in the other - the metalworkers. Gene chose the latter. And why - still do not know. But ohotku attended, graduated from college with honors and a fifth discharge locksmith repair of industrial equipment. Work sent to the First Moscow Avtoremzavod.

In the 51st drafted into the army, saying that during the war it was as if not by law, but given the choice of the armed forces. I wanted to Morflot. Politely refused: rostochkom not released. I went to the aircraft. Studied year gunner and flew three more years. After leaving the reserve and returned to his factory. All is good, but became a sling ink in the factory newspaper. Noticed. Persuaded to work the executive secretary of the newspaper.

So life has prepared him another zigzag.

... YOUR MOM Helena Petrovna - thank God, alive - he saw only ten years after the war began. A father Andrey V. died in crossing the Dnieper.