Gary Richard Herbert

Picture of Gary Richard Herbert

Date of Birth: 07/05/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Amerikan Fork

Citizenship: United States


Gary Richard Herbert (Gary Richard Herbert) was born May 7, 1947 in American Fork, Utah (American Fork, Uta), in the family of Paul and Carol Peters (Paul and Carol Peters). Later his mother remarried and his stepfather Duane Barlow Herbert (Duane Barlow Herbert), to adopt the boy, and gave him his name. The future governor grew up in Orem (Orem), graduated from the local high school, he spent two years in the mission of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the eastern states, and then enrolled at Brigham Young (Brigham Young University) University in Provo (Provo), one of the most major universities not only in Utah but also in the United States, but did not finish it.

Herbert married to Jeanette Snelson Herbert (Jeanette Snelson Herbert), they have six children, three sons - Nathan, Daniel and Bradley, and three daughters - Kimberly, Shannon and Heather (Nathan, Kimberli, Shannon, Daniel, Heather, Bradley), and nine grandchildren. The eldest of the daughters, Kimberly, married Ben Kahuna (Ben Cahoon) of FC `Alouettes de Montr & # 233; al`; and youngest son Bradley is married to singer Carmen Rasmusen (Carmen Rasmusen), finalist of the show `American Idol`.

Herbert had served six years in the National Guard State, becoming a senior sergeant. He then founded the company `Herbert and Associates Realtors`, trading in real estate, as well as service for the care of children` The Kids Connection`. From 1990 to 2004, Herbert worked as a member of the Commission Yutai County served as president of the Association of Utah counties, as well as the Association of Realtors of Utah.

In November 2003, Herbert started the election campaign for the post of governor of the state. In April 2004, he teamed up with his rival John Hantsmenom, and when they walked on the `duet` election the incumbent governor Olin Walker (Olene Walker), Herbert was a place of vice-governor when the governor Hantsmene. As lieutenant governor, Herbert worked in 13 different committees.

Huntsman and Herbert encountered some resistance during their election campaign in 2008, aimed at re-election, but avoid intra-party elections since the Republican convention partiiza they voted by a majority vote. In the general election the Republicans won with a record score of 77 percent of the vote. August 11, 2009, after the resignation of Huntsman`s governorship was transferred to his deputy. In the early elections in 2010, Herbert was going to seek re-election.

The main priorities of Herbert as the governor of the region are public and higher education, economic development, energy security and infrastructure staff. Gary Herbert said that education is the most important issue, since only the improvement of the public education system will help staff to remain competitive.