Gary Mark Gilmore

Picture of Gary Mark Gilmore

Date of Birth: 04/12/1940

Age: 36

Birthplace: Waco

Citizenship: United States


Gary Gilmore (Gary Mark Gilmore) was born in 1940 in Waco, Texas, United States (Waco, Texas, USA). He was the second of four sons Frank and Bessie Gilmore (Frank and Bessie Gilmore), his father earned the sale of magazines. By the way, his father Frank`s mother has repeatedly stated that he - the illegitimate son of a famous magician Harry Houdini (Harry Houdini). It is not known whether his father was really a direct relative of Houdini, but with his father at a young Gilmour relationship was quite complex. By the way, Gary`s brother spoke of his father as a `cruel and inadequate cheloveke`.

In 1952 the family settled in Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon), just at the time Gary several times caught on petty crimes - theft, car theft and assault. Later, despite the confirmed a high level of intelligence and high scores in school, as well as the obvious artistic inclination, Gary dropped out and ran away for several months along with a friend in Texas (Texas). Since the age of 14, Gilmore has attracted for his offenses - punishments were Sacha correctional facilities for juvenile and later tyurmy.1960 usual, he went after the deadline, and in 1962 has once again brought to trial for armed robbery attack . In 1964 he received for a similar offense as a 15-year sentence in prison as a repeat offender. In 1972, Gary was released on parole and lived in the house halfway in Eugene, Oregon (Eugene, Oregon). It is known that at the same time he enrolled in college, where began to study art. However, respectable life lasted very long - again soon Gary caught the robbery. This time they put him firmly, and, in addition, for violent conduct Gilmore sent a sit-life in federal prison Marion, Illinois Shatat (Marion, Illinois), particularly protected. In 1976 he was once again on the loose and moved to the side of Provo, Utah (Provo, Utah), where lived his cousin Brenda Nichol (Brenda Nicol), who helped him find a job, and expressed interest in the fate of the ne`er-do relative. So, briefly Gilmore really worked in a shoe store, but later came back to the groove and started to rob and steal. At that time, Gilmore, who was 35 years old, became close friends with Nicole Baker (Nicole Baker), who at 19 years has been a widow with two children. Of course, the family of Nicole was not too happy with her choice - a person Gilmour, recidivist drunk and famous in and fighter District, does not correspond to good citizens. Soon, under the pressure of family relations began to fade.

July 19, 1976 Gilmore robbed and killed a worker with a gas station named Max Jensen (Max Jensen). The next day, the victim was the hotel manager Bennie Bushnell (Bennie Bushnell). Abominations Gilmore crime was still in the fact that he killed both already after all his demands were met. By the way, getting rid of his gun 22 caliber criminal accidentally shot himself in the hand, its trail of blood and helped the police. He was arrested fairly quickly, and in October 1976 he appeared before the court.

It was in that period was excellent restored by the Supreme Court in 1972, the death penalty, and Gilmour was destined to become the first criminal to be executed by the new laws. So, after the jury deliberated, it found him guilty, was read to the conviction and Gilmore was offered a choice of the form of execution - shooting or hanging. `I`d rather rasstrel`, - said the offender, and the sentence came into force.

It is known that Gilmore, despite the entreaties of lawyers and relatives, has not filed a petition for clemency. For his last meal he ordered a hamburger, boiled eggs, baked potatoes, a few cups of coffee and whiskey.

January 17, 1977 the sentence was carried out in the state of Utah State Prison in Draper (Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah), in the execution of existing orders involved a company of soldiers.

It is known that Gilmore bequeathed his eyes for transplant, and were claimed in two hours after the execution - two people received corneas from the eyes Gilmore. His body was cremated and the ashes scattered over Spenish Fork (Spanish Fork, Utah).

The fact that Gary Gilmore became the first executed after the introduction of the death penalty, brought him considerable fame, but because of his life story became the subject of books, plays and films. So, the book `palacha` Song (The Executioner`s Song) Norman Mailer (Norman Mailer), was the basis for it is the life Gilmour, later on it was shot the same film with Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones) in the title role.