Garry Bushell

Picture of Garry Bushell

Date of Birth: 05/13/1955

Age: 61

Birthplace: Woolwich

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Harry was born in Woolwich, South East London (Woolwich, South East London), in the family fire. For the first time on stage, he came out in high school, as part of group `Pink Tent`. This group not only sang the song, but also performed comedy number; they were all sorts of parties, and in the homes of each other. After a while Bushell became a member of the National Union of students (The National Union of School Students) and Socialist organizations `The Schools Action Union`. For a while Harry worked at `Shell` as a courier and the London Fire Brigade (London Fire Brigade); later he went immediately to the Polytechnic Institute of North East London (North East London Polytechnic) and the London College of printing (London College of Printing).

The project `Pink Tent` later turned into Oi / punk band` The Gonads`!; He continued to act as a team and in the new century. Musicians themselves positioned as `Oi-Tone`-team - they played mostly ska and punk street. In many of the works of comic motifs sounded; however, more and more musicians produced quite serious work.

In 1973, 18-year-old Bushell joined the team `International Socialists`; around the same time, he began writing for the newspaper left `Socialist Worker`. Harry worked not only on social and political issues - and he wrote a lot of music. From 1978 to 1985 the first Harry worked, for example, for the magazine `Sounds`; most of all he was interested in punk and other genres `ulichnye`.

In 1986, Bushell switched to `The Sun`,` Evening Standard` and `The Daily Mirror`. In 1991, Harry briefly became an assistant editor of `Daily Star`; In this edition, he for some time led the news column. However, working in the `Daily Star` Harry only three months - and then went back to` The Sun`.

Bushell became famous in the first place rather caustic syllable; critical reviews it enjoyed a certain prestige - so many people think that it is an article Bushell once dealt a mortal blow to the career of the comedian Julian Clary (Julian Clary).

In 1994, Bushell was recognized by critics Year by the `UK Press Awards`. In the mid-90s Bushell began to lead his own program on TV; program this Harry commented on national TV news.

From `The Sun` Bushell eventually left - or rather, was dismissed. It happened after Bushell written crime novel `The Face` began to publish in` Daily Star`. Later, the book publisher, John Blake (John Blake), acknowledged that Bushell had no clue about the upcoming transaction; alas, it had no effect on his uvolneniieto.

The new shelter he found in `The People`. There`s Harry worked until 18 February 2007, and then left journalism and switched to books and scripts.

Political views Bushell expressed mainly in their articles. He began as a socialist, but later moved to the camp of the Democrats. Harry stood against the European Union, has spoken against the middle class, he stood for patriotism and personal freedom.

Now Bushell five children by two women; three gave birth to Harry Carol Bushell (Carol Bushell), two - Bushell Tania (Tania Bushell). Tanya Bushell, by the way, is better known to the masses under the pseudonym `Makkeffri` Leah (Leah McCaffrey) - under this name she performs songs in country style.

Recently, Harry had left most of their activities and focused entirely on the activities of the group and writing books.