Galina Karamysheva

Picture of Galina Karamysheva

Date of Birth: 02/10/1908

Age: 105

Citizenship: Russia


She was born in an old Russian family. Father - DD Karamyshev - participant of the Russian-Japanese War, Commander of the Order of St. George..

After graduating from the Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University in 1936, Galina Dmitrievna went to college Nigro-gold - TsNIGRI, where she worked in it for more than 30 years. During the Great Patriotic War, was evacuated in Makarak.

Great contribution GD Karamysheva contributed to the study of geomorphology and placer gold of the Urals, the Kuznetsk Alatau, Salair Ridge, Buryatia, the North Caucasus, the south of Western Siberia and the Lena area. For these areas it made up of small- and large-scale geomorphological maps with data on the gold-bearing placers, which contributed to raising the level of geological exploration. A participant of the first and second expeditions Lena, GD Karamysheva conducted detailed studies of geomorphology and stratigraphy of Kropotkin gold-bearing area of ??Quaternary sediments in the basin r.Vachi that allowed to prove the identification of unique gold placers. The forward-looking recommendations GD Karamyshevo, including the Sukhoi Log deposit, have not lost their relevance to date successfully realized gold miners.

Main areas of research

* "On the structure and genesis of loose sediments of the central highlands Patom" (1960)

* "Features of Geology and formation conditions of buried coastal placers on the example of one of the regions of the south-eastern part of the West Siberian Plain," co-written (1961).