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Citizenship: Italy


Gallery (full name Gaius Galerius Maximian Valeriy, Latin Valerius Maximianus, G. Galerius, ca. 242-311..) - Roman Emperor (305-311). He was born probably in 242, about the Thracian city of Serdica (now Sofia, Bulgaria), on dakiets origin. Galleries in his youth was a shepherd, and then entered the military service. Rough and harsh, sometimes cruel, he was a brave soldier and the executive, which enabled him to make a vertiginous military career. Emperor Diocletian, organizing the empire on a new basis, appointed him in 293, one of the Caesars, adopted and gave him his daughter Valeria. The direct duty Gallery at managing the Danubian provinces, Illyria, Macedonia, Greece and Crete. Gallery was the residence of Sirmium on the Sava river (today Sremska Mitrovica).

After years of military action against the Sarmatians and ready Galerius on the Danube he took command of the troops, who were supposed to protect the eastern borders of the Empire from attacks by the Persian shah Narseha of the Sassanid dynasty. Defeated in a clash near the town of Carr, gallery the following year won the decisive battle. The victory allowed the return to the province in the area of ??the Tigris, lost under Valerian, and permanently secured a lasting peace with Persia, which strengthened the impact of the gallery on Diocletian.

Galleries More Caesar took uchactie in the persecution of Christians, which began in 303 AD (the first edict against the Christians - February 23 303 years). According to some data, the initiator of the persecution of Diocletian he was, on the other (for example, as claimed Lactantius), a zealous pagan Galerius personally convinced Diocletian to begin prosecution. Anyway, galleries took active part in them and continued ihvo time own rule.

May 1 year 305 Diocletian according to them the order of succession established resigned from the duties of the emperor, Galerius became the Augustus, that is senior in rank by the emperor in the East, where he managed the Balkan provinces and Asia Minor. Formally, he was subordinate Constantius Chlorine, August West, but as Galerius made the appointment two of his henchmen, Flavia Valeria North and his nephew Maximinus oxidase, Caesar in both parts of the Empire, in fact he was its supreme ruler.

When he died in 306, Constantius Chlorine, Galerius insisted that ruled North Western part of the Roman Empire. Legions Gallery arbitrarily proclaimed August west of Constantine`s son Constantius, who did not even have the title of Caesar. Galerius Caesar and Constantine made the conflict was settled. However, the North in the same year, was ousted and killed Maxentius soon - the son of the former Emperor Maximilian. Galerius invaded Italy, but was forced to retreat. In the year 308 Galerius convinced Diocletian Maximin and meet him at Carnuntum on the Danube (40km east of Vienna) and declare Maxentius usurper. November 11 Galerius proclaimed August the western part of the empire Licinius, who had real power only over the Danube territories. At the same time Augustus himself proclaimed Maximin Daza, then Galerius was forced to give the same title and Constantine.

In winter 310-311 Galerius seriously ill and, considering that the disease has been sent by God to punish Christians, promulgated the edict of 30 April 311, which again resolved their prayer meetings. Shortly afterwards he died.