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Further seems forever The team was formed in 1998 in his native place for children - " Pompon scourge" (Florida) after the collapse of hardcore Strongarm team. FSF was founded for the purpose of the experiment and then consisted of former members of the three groups - Shai hulud (Cordoba Derrick successor Nick Dominguez) , Strongarm and Vacant Andy`s (Chris Karrabby team) .

His first EP they recorded on Deep Elm Records, but the record went unnoticed for the masses. In summer 1999 they recorded " split " with the band The Recess Theory (now Legends of Rodeo) - From the 27th State, which was released on Takehold Records label.

When they made ??three new demo songs, they sent them on Tooth and nail, in order to subsequently sign a contract to produce a full-length album. T & N was rated demos Further seems forever,Yes, and they knew they guys still on Strongarm, and already by 2000 the contract was signed.

In 2001 FSF released the album Moon Is Down on Tooth and nail records, the single of the same name won the love from the fans, but even before the release of the album the group left Chris Karabba. His replacement was invited Jason Gleason, who immediately moved from his hometown of Minneapolis to Floridain order to be reunited with the FSF. Prior to joining the FSF, Jason played in a team called Dedgrill, which broke before the invitation to the FSF. Jason even some time worked in McDonald`se to have at least some money to exist.

Above the proposal to move to the FSF, Jason thought about two weeks.When Jason received the invitation from the FSF to move to Florida, which he did in three days. Two weeks after the arrival of Jason in Florida, FSF sent a mini-tour. As Chris left the FSF after the recording of the album, that Jason had to contribute to the team, as it was necessary to be interested in listening to their execution ,given the fact that the vocals on the album, which was Jason, played another vocalist. Jason with it had some problems because some fans wrote, and sometimes shouted in concert : "We want you to come back to Chris ! " And it is, as you know, upset Jason and he felt out of his plate.But the FSF as a whole was lucky, because almost no one group is not taken seriously when there is a change of vocalist. Imagine a new singer in Nirvana, Queen or the Doors, it is even in the head does not fit. But Jason was lucky, he was greeted with generally good, despite the fact ,that to this day for some Curraghboy synonymous nor as a member of Dashboard Confessional, but primarily as a singer FSF.

In April 2001, the album Moon Is Down reissued in Europe by the German division of EMI. Already in June 2001, FSF begin collecting material for a new album.

In 2001, the single Moon Is Down hit the torus 50five best Christian rock songs in the CR line. As a result of the Christian magazine about rock music Heaven metal - Further seem forever were the best of the new group, and also took second place in the top five best albums of 2001 (in the first place were the Satellite POD album) . In 2002 Further seems forever played with New Found glory before the 7000th crowd. It was the first time the FSF found time to speak to a large audience.

The group was not difficult to come to a consensus on the concept of songwriting, as in most cases, the boys shared interests in music, the taste of almost all reduced to commands such as : Beatles, Jawbox, Fugazi, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, no knife ,Jimmy Eat World, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Sense Field, Weezer, etc.

During the recording of the album How to Start a Fire unexpected happened - from Jason Gleason - the serious creative differences left the band, putting the rest of the participants in such a position that they had come to the opinion of the decay. Jason suddenly notified the FSF announced his retirement. Despite the fact that he had controversies with other members of the team, but he promised to stay in the FSF, but all of a sudden, did such a " kooky ".

As a result, the FSF " hit " is not only a singer, but also on the money invested producers. But the guys udalos-still prevail upon Jason to finish the album, which has helped to eradicate financial problems, and he himself, Jason realized how serious the problem to be a result of its sudden withdrawal.

In 2002, the second single Monachetti (with the Moon is down album) hit the torus 80 best Christian rock songs chart in the CR.

February 11, 2003, though with difficulty,but still the second album FSF - How To Start A Fire. After the album`s release, the guys made ??a statement with a hint of the decay of the group, but in the meantime FSF manager tried to get hold of " singer " who became John Bunch, a former member of the team Sense Field, disintegrated eve invitation in John FSF. If not caught in time, John ,FSF would be broken up, and they have plans began to reason in what style and key them to create a new group.

FSF is trying to negotiate with Jason for the joint tour in the autumn of 2004, but Jason refused, which led the boys to the fact that they refused to tour conducted label T & N.

In March the FSF started to record their third album Hide Nothing,despite the fact that the collapse was inevitable, they all are found the strength and (not without the help of the fans, and mainly new vocalist John Bunch) continued to exist.

August 24, 2004 released their third album, FSF - Hide Nothing, and the first single Hide Nothing spun a hundred of the best Christian rock songs of 2004. Hide Nothing turned out the most emotional album. From August to September 2004, the guys did a tour in support of the new album, as well as conducted a public " demonstration " for a new vocalist.

Writing songs, for the most part, they are engaged in collective Culbert Josh and Steve Klized, in general, as well as the most " elderly " members of the group. And who came to the musicians can only barely intersperse their ideas to the already written material.

Further seems forever became one of the most famous Christian " imo " team, became famous not only in the number of decays, but also the quality of their music. Let us hope that John did not go as the previous vocalists ,and the FSF will hold forever or at least for a long time.

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