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Despite its " diabolical " and the name of a similar stage image gang of Jackson (TN) had nothing to do with satanistami.Komanda was formed in 1995 ,when Keith Foster (drums) and Michael Reeves (guitar) began to look for a bassist for his new project.

When on the horizon drew Kevin Bibaut (bass) , dragged behind a vocalist Josh Brown, it became clear that the group will be held, and the guys started to rehearse, simultaneously preparing the project was called material.V original "Voodoo Hippies",but soon the name was borrowed from a song written by Brown, was changed to "Full Devil Jacket".

A little later, there was a part of Jonathan Montoya, who lived near the Bibautom and knew that the group is looking for the second coming of gitarista.S his team began to actively act on the local metal scene. The style in which artists worked ,It could be described as nu- metal, but the guys carefully avoided any raps pribambasy.Full devil jacketPosle first demos " diabolical jackets" got its own management and performed well at the festival, " Livestock " in Tampa. There they saw the representative of "Island / Def Jam Record" Tom Zutaut ,invited to sign kontrakt.V 1999 "Full Devil Jacket" took part in the famous Woodstock festival in the category "Emerging Artists", the first time getting a chance to perform before a large audience. I must say that the guys from Jackson is a well turned out, and the ranks of their fans significantly replenished. That same summer team participated in the "Warped Tour", and her songs were spinning on radio stations in many cities of America.

In the autumn was recorded a mini - album "A Wax Box To Put Your Frankenstein Heads In", the song "Now You Know" with which became the first radio hits "Full Devil Jacket". Moreover, such plate contained punkmetal anthems like "Screaming Jesus", "Stain" and "Dead Mother Fucker". Primechatelno that against the militants closing track is a ballad titled. .. "Full Devil Jacket".

Full devil jacket After the EP group was entrusted to open concerts "Megadeth" and "Bush", and, in addition to MSW, the band took part in the tour "Tattoo the Earth".With enough practice on the concerts, "Full Devil Jacket" is finally recorded their first full-length album of the same name. In addition, the composition of the group appeared on other releases. So, "Megadeth" included a track on your Extra Value CD, and another thing to hit compilation "Heavy Metal 11 soundtrack".The album pretty quickly achieved gold status, and popularity of the team significantly increased.

However, not everything went smoothly, and during the joint tour with the "Creed" Josh Brown had nearly died of a drug overdose. Thanks to his girlfriend, the singer managed to save, but it`s "adventure" significantly affected the psyche of Josh. After a course of rehabilitation he became a Christian, and while working on the second album suddenly left the band. Sessions have remained unfinished, and the project soon fell apart completely.

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