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FRIJID PINK - a wonderful team from Detroit whose hard-driving blues-rock done a lot of noise in the early 70s.

In which-sense they (and not the MC 5, and others like them) were a response to the British TEN YEARS AFTER, TATSE etc. Save to sound typical American acidity and psychedelic musicians were much closer to the traditions of the English power-trio than anyone else.

The composition of the quartet finally formed and stabilized in late 1969. Continuous concerts in the nearby states provided them with glory uncompromising rockers that allowed fairly easy to sign a contract with an independent studio Parrot Records. The first pair of singles ("Tell me why" / "Cryin` shame" and "Drivin` blues" / "God gave me you") is no longer a success. Editorial material (written mainly by Thomson and Baudry ,despite the fact that the collective authorship is often mentioned) did not bring laurels and as the next step to success was chosen cover House of the rising sun. The new, dynamic version of this song on the move rammed the charts not only in the homeland FRIJID PINK, but also in the UK and Germany. Next 45heel "Sing a song for freedom" enshrined as overnight success. A albums (Frijid Pink 1970 ; Frijid Pink Defrosted 1971) continued the tradition of a strong and dynamic blues-rock. And with the time component of the blues steps aside, giving way to the classic hard rock.

This development demonstrates the group `s debut album FRIJID PINK.Starting with a calm God gave me you, alternating with blues Crying shame and groovy boogie I`m on my way, the material turns into a sharp " heavy music " (Tell me why, End of the line, I want to be your lover).

1971 was held under the frame of incessant touring, but the star of the group gradually began to go under. Each new single stepping down below ,and the friction among musicians grew by leaps and bounds. By early 72go composed FRIJID PINK leaving only drummer Rick Stivers (Rick Stevers), who left the group name for themselves (which in principle is quite strange, because it was an ordinary drummer) . Inviting new musicians (John Wearing - vocal, Craig Webb - guitar, Tom Harris -bass) and adding in the keyboard (Larry Zelanka clearly under the strong influence of DEEP PURPLE and especially Jon Lord) , the band recorded a new album "Earth omen". From the blues tradition was gone. In their place came the hard rock art. And progressiveness raid only spoil the impression. But on straight " action movies " musicians like waking up, and energy could be compared with their previous masterpieces. Especially turned clockwork and Miss Evil Train woman. In general, from the glorious days of the beginning of the 70s has disappeared.

Unable to replicate the recent success, the band chose the path of least resistance - touring and touring again. The composition is constantly changing and the only constant member of the band was Stivers. By the time in 1974, their latest album "All pink inside" in the group also had new musicians, but the information about them available.


1970 Frijid pink 8/10

1971 Defrosted

1972 Earth omen 7/10

1974 All pink inside

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