Frank Bunker Gilbreth Sr

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Date of Birth: 07/07/1868

Age: 56

Place of birth: Fairfield

Citizenship: United States

The founder of the division of labor

Frank Bunker Gilbreth Sr. (Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr.) Was born in 1868, the year in the city of Fairfield, Maine (Fairfield, Maine), in the family of Joseph and Martha Gilbreth (Joseph and Martha Gilbreth). After school, Frank found a job as a bricklayer while studying civil engineering, to maximize ease the process and reduce the loss of working time. authorities soon noticed the works of a young man and has raised it to the contractor. Around the same time very active builders began to give lectures at Purdue University (Purdue University). In 27 years Gilbreath became general manager of a construction company, where he once worked part time.

October 19, 1904, the year he married Lillian Moller (Lillian Moller), married to ktoroy he was born 12 children.

Together with his wife, who was also interested in the management of Frank increasingly began to sink in the business environment; so they soon founded his own company `Gilbreth, Inc.`, specializing in assistance to business.

Due to the fast growing family of Lillian could not devote a lot of time working, but because she was doing her husband`s manuscripts and adjusting various psychological studies. In 1912 he published a book `Fundamentals of Science menedzhmenta` (Primer of Scientific Management); just a few weeks it has reached such popularity that in Gilbreth office came letters from all over the world.

As it is known, in the writing of the book Frank helped many other American economist - Frederick Taylor (Frederick Winslow Taylor). Quickly becoming friends, they admired each other`s work, helping and continually adding various economic theories.

Unfortunately, shortly after the book ended their friendly relations Frank realized that now is the time to enter the market and start to work with large firms. In turn, Taylor instantly became his direct competitor.

Especially famous scientist received for research on the causes of fatigue; Frank singled out 52 reasons why people get tired, and then distributed them to the 17 basic movements. Roughly speaking, he rediscovered the system of division of labor, only in his system the same worker spent less time at the expense of what made repetitive movements and most of the time was at the same place.

Throughout his life, Frank worked on the improvement of productivity in the various organizations, as, for example, hospitals, the army and the civil service. By his hand carry profession nurses, supply of surgical instruments to the surgeon during the operation, it was he who, as scientists say, has developed methods, widely spread in the armies of all the countries of the world lies in the training of young soldiers to quickly assemble and disassemble a weapon blindfolded or in complete darkness .

June 14, 1924, the year Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr., died of congestive heart failure at the railway station, right during a telephone conversation with his wife, Lillian, who survived him by almost a quarter century.

In the words of Frank, in his studies, he was almost always helped the family; it is known that the system of division of labor and the actions it was originally designed for his family. Dividing the work into small pieces to enable the whole family, he said that in this way you can save a lot of time and effort.

Gilbreth family gained worldwide fame after the book Cheaper by the Dozen `` (Cheaper by the Dozen), written by the son of an economist in 1948. Subsequently, the story was the basis for two feature films, one of which released in the year 2003, even became the winner of several prestigious film awards.

In 1971 he published a biographical book about the life and work of Frank, written by his son Frank Gilbreth Jr..

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