Francois-xavier Garneau

Picture of Francois-xavier Garneau

Date of Birth: 06/15/1809

Age: 56

Place of Birth: Quebec

Citizenship: Canada


Garnier, Francois Xavier (Garneau, Franois-Xavier) (1809-1866), a Canadian historian and writer. Born in Quebec (Lower Canada), June 15, 1809. Not being able to get a classical education, Garneau decided to make a living by becoming a notary. Within five years he was secretary of the Governor-General Archibald Campbell. Last raspolagalobshirnoy library, through which Garneau became acquainted with the history and literature of Great Britain and France. On duty, he visited the United States, and then went to London, where for two years he served as secretary D.B.Vidzhera, representative of the French Canadian in the UK. Twice I was in Paris. He returned to Quebec in 1833, began to write poems and publish a literary magazine, in parallel served as a bank teller. At the end of the 1830s engaged in the history of French Canada, the result of his labors was the three-volume History of Canada (Histoire du Canada, 1845-1848), in which the history of French Canadians was presented as a struggle for survival - first with the Indians, then the Anglo-Americans finally with the dominance of Anglo-Canadians in the structures of power. National identity of French Canadians Garneau linked primarily with Catholicism. Work Garneau was popular for the next hundred years, he was awarded the name of "national historian" and Canadian historiography father. Died Garneau in Quebec City February 3, 1866.