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Date of Birth: 06/11/1908

Age: 79

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France

The key figure of the child analysis

Francoise Dolto was born November 6, 1908 in Paris to a wealthy bourgeois family of military engineer Henri Marette and Suzanne Demmler, great-granddaughter of a large metallopromyshlennika August Demmlera known for his philanthropic activities and the progressive, socialist ideas. She was the fourth of seven children (two daughters and five sons).

Francoise childhood differs alive and tenacious mind, she watches a lot and asks a lot - often placing adults in a dead end with questions about their words, their actions, and the explanations they give her. With eight years of little Francoise dreams of becoming a "physician-educator" in order to make sure that children do not suffer from "lack of understanding of adults." Family Marette, being quite happy and open to the world, is experiencing a sudden death of the eldest daughter, Jacqueline, who in 18 years was dying of cancer. This death turns into a tragedy for the mother Francoise, which flows into the "pathological mourning" of their family life will never be the same. Most of the accusations and disappointments of this death falls on the share of small Francoise. Subsequently, the mother will strongly resist the idea of ??his daughter becoming a doctor, and every effort will strive to Francoise folded his life in obedience to the ideals of his circle and his time, becoming an exemplary wife, mother, guardian of the hearth.

The path to learning and the attainment of independence will be long for Francoise (in only 25 years it will be able to enroll in nursing school, and then, after its completion in the Faculty of Medicine), and become a way of formation of her character, clarifying the essence of its aspirations, adjusted its ethics - ethics desires. In this way, the most significant role to play for her meeting with psychoanalysis (own analysis, which it will be held at the Rene Laforgue in 1934-37gg.) And a meeting with her future husband, Boris Dolto, without which, according to her, she would never have become the who became.

Boris Dolto, a native of Russia (born in Simferopol), who emigrated in 1918 to Turkey and then to Paris, get an education, rheumatologist doctor, and will become the creator of a new medical discipline - kinesitherapy (movement therapy) - and founder of the French School of Massage and Orthopedics . Their amazing creative alliance will enrich the mind and matter, which will result in it to show a subtle, complex and diverse interaction of body and mind. The family Dolto born three children: Jean-Krizostom (singer, speaking under the pseudonym "Carlos" Gregoire (a naval engineer) and Catherine (doctor gaptonomist (fr))..

Francoise Dolto leave behind more than a dozen books, the vast majority of which she will write after her husband`s death in 1981. Death will overtake its 79 year of life, 25 August 1988. Francoise Dolto bequeaths engraved on the tombstone next to the dates of her life dates in the life of Boris Dolto and the words of the Gospel:

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