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"Forbidden" (along with "Testament","Death angel", "Vio-Lence") were part of the second wave of trash, swept the US West Coast in the mid 80s. However, despite the promising start to musicians (in contrast to the above teams) did not manage to catch your luck by the tail. The group was originally called the "Forbidden evil", was formed in 1985. In her first was composed of vocalist Russ Anderson, guitarists Craig Losifero and Robb Flynn (future leader of the "Machine head"), bassist Matt Camacho, and drummer Paul Bostaph.

The team moved in the area of the club of San Francisco, trying to confidently embark on a path trodden by monsters such as "Exodus", "Metallica" and "Slayer". Several demorecorded musicians led to a contract in 1988 with the "Combat records". By that time, the name of the band was reduced to "Forbidden", Flynn moved into the ranks of "Vio-Lence", and was replaced by Glen Elveleys.

Forbidden first album, titled "Forbidden evil", received a very good response, and our heroes set off on tour in the company of "Exodus","Death angel" and "Testament". The tour took place not only in the US but also in Europe, where the "Forbidden" performed at the festival in Eindhoven. Based on this concert in 1989 he was made EPshnik "Raw evil - Live at the Dynamo". Before recording the second full-length Glen Elveleys dumped in "Testament", the leader of providing the tear - guitar Tim Calvert (ex-"Militia"). "Twisted into form" has turned less inspiring, but more focused and technically, than the debut. This album also became a " breakthrough " to "Forbidden", the more the interest in thrash began to fade.

In 1992, "Combat records" released a compilation "The best of Forbidden", and this partnership ended with the collective label. But the group still continues to fight for survival in 1994, agreeing with the "Massacre records" was going to release a new album.

Forbidden Paul Bostaph did not take part in this venture, attracted job offers in "Slayer". Disc "Distortion", recorded with new drummer

Steve Jacobs was notable, above all, the factIt included a cover of the classic "King Crimson" - "21st century schizoid man". The following year, on sale there was a bootleg "Trapped" group of rare recordings, released by unknown. The official work, which has become to "Forbidden" last, came out in 1997. "Green", made with a bias in power metal ,as well as its predecessor suffered from a lack of promotion and failed to attract sufficient attention of the public.

Frustrated musicians tired to struggle for existence, and shortly after the "Green" release the gang was disbanded. Calvert joined the ranks of "Nevermore", Losifero, Camacho and Jacobs founded the "Manmade God",and Russ Anderson muddied far from metal project "Parking lot prophets".

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