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Abrams - known lawyer NewYork international law firm `Cahill Gordon & Reindel`. He joined the company in 1963, becoming a full partner in 1979.

Abrams is an expert on constitutional law. Many of the cases outlined them with the assistance of the facts and documents in the United States served as a Supreme Court interpretation of the standards of the United States Constitutional law, including its relation to the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Senator DPMoynihan (Daniel Patrick Moynihan) said, ` (Floyd Abrams) , in the context of the First Amendment - the most significant of our lawyer epohi`.

Abrams - Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University (Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University).

He discussed the issue on the indictment ,transferred to federal court grand jury investigating the leak of ` TSRU`. This high-profile case concerned a journalist ` New York Tayms` (` New York Times`) Judith Miller (Judith Miller).

Floyd Abrams, a Jew by birth, was born July 9, 1936 - th. He received a bachelor`s degree from Cornell University (Cornell University) in 1956 tom and a degree of Doctor of Law at the School of Law at Yale University (Yale Law School) in 1960.

Floyd lives with his wife Efrat (Efrat), New York (New York City). The couple have a son, Dan Abrams (Dan Abrams), who works for the cable news channel MSNBC ; and daughter, Ronnie Abrams (Ronnie Abrams).

In the period from 1961 to 1963-th Abrams served as a clerk at the judge Leahy Field (Paul Leahy) of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware (Delaware).

He returned to Yale University as a guest lecturer, where he stayed from 1974 to 1980 and then from 1986 to 1989 - th.

Floyd was also a guest lecturer at Columbia Law School (Columbia Law School) with a 1981-th and 1985 th.

As a defender of the First Amendment, Abrams became one of the famous and still practicing legal scholars, who formed the American understanding of the basic rights of citizens under the US Constitution. Reviewing Books Abrams 2005, `Speaking Freely`, Supreme Court lawyer, Lee Levin (Lee Levine) said ,that ` the modern history of freedom of the press in this country (America) is closely linked to the career and work of Floyd Abramsa`.

Career Abrams ripened at the end of 1960, immediately after the decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of `New York Times Co. against Sallivana` (1964) , when finally took place a clear distinction between libel and freedom of the press. He worked on the case relating to the ` Securities Pentagona` ; the case ` Branzburg potiv Haynsa` (1972) , as well as ` Landmark Communications v. Virginia (Virginia You) ` (1978) , `Nebraska Press Association v. Styuarta` (1976) and Smith v ` Daily Mail Publishing Co.` (1979).

Abrams defended the interests of its many customers ,including the Brooklyn Museum of Art (Brooklyn Museum of Art) by policy Rudolph Giuliani (Rudolph Giuliani) in the case of the exhibition `Sensation` and NBC from Wayne Newton (Wayne Newton). Floyd also defended the rights of Alya Franken (Al Franken) in connection with the claim by the channel Fox News Channel,dissatisfied using their catchphrase `Fair and Balanced` Franken in the book`s title.

In addition, Abrams has represented five tobacco companies, including `R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company`, in their lawsuit against the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),standing up for the use of health warnings on cigarette packs.

Group of lawyers `First Amendment Center` in the United States engaged in the protection of freedoms (alleged First Amendment) using information and increase the level of education, said the following about Abrams : ` Ask someone to name the lead counsel ,working with the First Amendment. At one hundred percent answer is the same : Floyd Abrams. Then have called another name. The answer is. .. silence. This is a sign that the name Floyd Abrams - a synonym for the First Amendment, so that virtually no one would call someone esche`.

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