Floran Gonsalves

Picture of Floran Gonsalves

Age: 45

Citizenship: France

Love from behind bars

In early 2006, a French Jew, Ilan Halimi (Ilan Halimi) started his small business selling mobile phones, what has attracted the attention of immigrants living on the outskirts of the stolen money in Paris. Each of them had a difficult childhood, and in Paris they were on the political rights of refugees. So, to make money, they decided to steal Ilan, confident that every Jew has a native capable to pay for it a good ransom. The bait for Ilana became 17-year-old Emma, ??a young Iranian woman, who came to France with his mother at the age of 11 years.

After the capture of Man kept in custody for three weeks, vainly seeking ransom from the government or relatives, but no one went to negotiate. Eventually it found half dead outside the city, but he died in the ambulance. Soon the whole gang of barbarians was delayed transmitting to justice. Boys get the maximum possible, and young Emma went to Versailles insulator. It was there and crossed the fate of Emma and Florent, the prison governor, a loving husband and a collector of paintings of the 19th century.

For many still remain a mystery of their relationship in prison, only recently the magazine `Esquire` published an article-Florent, in which he spoke about everything that happened in the prison. In contrast to the official version that said that Emma `used` Florent in exchange for gifts and promotion, himself a former head of the detention center he says that it was a true love - love at a distance, even despite the fact that they were almost in adjoining rooms. First he admitted in a letter to Emma, ??a response letter he wrote, and the process could not be stopped. Soon it turned out that the girl was hidden mobile phone - the number of messages was read in court, exchanged between lovers - 26 thousand. Every day they met in prison, but they were able to communicate only on Fridays, closed computer room.

`East flower - so I called her. She called me to my heart. For a long time, our relationship remained platonic. We dreamed that spend the first night together, when it comes out on svobodu` - Florent said in his letter. Soon goodbye began to take a more intimate nature. On Florent court he asked how he could trust a girl who bewitched and became an accomplice to the murder of an innocent man, but Florent just shook his head, knowing that none of his arguments will not be convincing.

Communication opened accidentally: Florent inadvertently bought a sim card in his name, that`s how the police got on his trail and began wiretapping phones. At trial, he admitted his relationship, but in a speech before the court noted that the fault does not recognize. The court, he was sentenced to a year in prison, he was dismissed from work, and newspapers put a pervert, are prone to regard prisoners. My wife and soon filed for divorce. Even while in prison, he learned that Emma was set free early, but the attempt was in vain to continue the relationship.

`If ??I was asked today, what would you do if you had the chance to re-live those years, I would not change anything. It seems to me, the moments of our happiness with Emma, ??however short they may be, they are all that I have lost. Perhaps if my life does not get better, I look at this story through the eyes of others. And I complain about sdelannom` - ended his article Florent.