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The beginning of this altometal project from Louisville (in Kentucky) was initiated in 1996 when vocalist Chris Volz responded to an ad in the local paper, filed by guitarist Jason Daunt.

Those two guys took some time to work out joint activities in the course of regular rehearsals. Daunt doubt in choosing between alternative and industrial music, but Volz industrial not pinned, and he bowed his colleague to the nu- metal. In 1997, the composition of the "Flaw" (original title - "F. Law") grew to a trio. Bassist Ryan Jersey, a month before the left the ranks of the Marines, boys taken away from another local band. A week after the arrival of the guys started to record their first indie album. Interestingly, the session took place that almost for free. Musicians have ordered the necessary equipment in the catalog, and a month later returned it, saying that it does not suit them, the benefit of selling policies of the company allowed to do this trick.

FlawVprochem ,this measure for children was forced, because none of them had a definite source of income. The album is interesting, and a couple of songs with him launched on the air local radio station. The increasing popularity of "Flaw" also contributed to the joint concerts with "Fear factory" and "Econoline Crush".Following this "Flaw" independently released a couple of CDs : self-titled album in 1998 and the EP "Drama" - in 2000. By the time the group was finally completed.

The new team members are drummer Chris Ballinger and second guitarist Lance Arny. With the arrival of the team Lerni sound became a little bit and atmospheric " space ". This was facilitated by the fact that both guitarists have used seven string instruments, as practiced pyatistrunku Jersey.

FlawV 2000 "Flaw" successfully performed at the legendary New York club "CBGB", where they were noticed REPRESENTATIVES "Republic". After receiving a contract from the majors, the band went to the Los Angeles-based studio "Sound City",where he began to write his first "real" album. Directed by David Bottrill sessions that produced the earlier Peter Gabriel and "Tool". "Through the eyes" turned out quite emotional, with pulsating guitar riffs and melodic structures. Although particularly aggressive on the album was not observed, the music was heavy ,grim and somewhat mystical.

It turned personal song "Whole", written by Chris and telling about his mother, graduated from suicide. Other notable tracks from the disc became "My letter" and published single "Payback". Promotion of the album "Flaw" staged on tour in the company of "Sevendust", "Kittie" and "Cold",after which they became participants of the traditional Ozzfest.

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