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Citizenship : United StatesBiographyKakih only sophisticated definitions did not invent music reviewer, trying to explain to readers of its publications that this Californian band FISHBONE and what the fish eat the skeletons.

Source: Encyclopedia of hard rock (2001)

There just does not come up with definitions of sophisticated music reviewers ,trying to explain to readers of its publications that such FISHBONE California group and what the fish eat the skeletons. However, the mark FISHBONE style of one or two words really is not so simple - they can play musicians who call their favorite artists BAD BRAINS,SEX PISTOLS and Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington) at the same time ! However, only one of the group in terms of layout for instruments speak for themselves : the vocalist and saxophonist Angelo Moore (Angelo Moore), guitarist and vocalist John Kendall (Kendall Jones), vocalist Walter Kibby Hey - second (Walter A.Kibby),bassist and vocalist John Norwood Fisher (John Norwood Fisher), trombonist and keyboardist Chris Down nicknamed "Maverick Meat" (Chris Down), guitarist Charlie Dawn (Charlie Down) and, finally, the drummer and percussionist Phillip Fisher or just " Fish " (Philip "Fish" Fisher). By the way, all seven - former classmates, who while still a 15-year olds based their group by trying to put together such different genres like funk, jazz, ska, hard rock, and God knows what.

It was in 1980, and in the 85th, signed a contract with Columbia company, FISHBONE released their first album. It would be strange if such an eclectic style command have not noticed -"Fishbone" although it did not get into any hits, but a review of the record for the most part been positive, and the comparison with FISHBONE LIVING COLOUR or RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS perceived as a compliment rather than an accusation. The next couple of albums, by the way, issued by

Epic - "In Your Face" and "Truth & Soul" -also we received good ratings in the press, but it did not bring much success group. It was only the fourth disc, released in the summer of `91 and again at Columbia, "The Reality Of My Surroundings", FISHBONE made ??its first major breakthrough. The album, by the way, recorded with new guitarist John Bigemom (John Bigham), has replaced Down ,I hit the national charts as an American - 49th place, and in Europe - 75 th. However, to consolidate the success was not possible - the next CD FISHBONE "Give A Monkey A Brain & He`ll Swear He`s The Centre Of The Universe" (shortly before the beginning of work on the drive from the team broke Kendall, exchanged music on religion) has turned out, perhaps,the most unfortunate in the whole of the band`s discography. As well as all subsequent drives FISHBONE he did not enjoy massive success, but still sold well.

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