Feodor Vasiutinskiy

Picture of Feodor Vasiutinskiy

Citizenship: Russia


Graduate Theological Seminary, served in Chernigov, where he was an inspector of spiritual schools of the city. During the Revolution of 1905 he took an active part in the monarchist movement, was elected chairman of the NRC Division. The delegate of the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Kiev, October 1-7. 1906 (All-Russian Congress of the People of the Earth Russian), at a meeting which - 3 October. - Introduced a proposal to consider the day of the Holy Virgin (opening day) celebration of all monarchic organizations and this day annually Russian Congress of Russian People. The initiative was supported, though the day was carried out of the Intercession in the future only the Moscow Congress (Congress of Russian People in Moscow on September 27 - October 4, 1909), which has not received the status of All-Russian. Member of the Yaroslavl meeting (3rd Meeting of the private office of the Union of Russian People in Yaroslavl on 8-10 March 1909). In his speech at the Conference made a number of concrete proposals to ensure that we let the work of the monarchists to the specific needs of people. He spoke of the need to organize readings in prisons; on making grammar school in the overall network of educational institutions of the Ministry of Education; the establishment of a strict censorship on books, the cinema and theater performances; the need to pay attention to the school teachers who preach the constitution and socialism; mismatch of voting rights in vowels between those holy orders, only the designated spiritual authority, but not the right of direct election of favor, and Jews, also appointed by the Duma administration, but over and above the benefit of personal voting rights; the establishment of a percentage for the Jews, and in private schools; the need to spread the works of Yaroslavl Meeting; the desirability of establishing a closer link between the Main Council and provincial councils, and these last departments and sub-units. He also suggested that the advice that he has ordered the provincial councils to collect and send information about the activities of local departments for publication in "Russian Banner" and others. Most of his proposals were adopted by the Meeting.

Prot. Vasyutinskiy was a great preacher, author of numerous teachings and words in the memorable days. He collaborated in the "peace work" magazine, which is published in Kharkov prof. A. Vyazigin. In 1913 there was published an article "Freemasonry and its pernicious influence in Western Europe and in Russia," in which he called to protect Christianity as the main obstacle to the spread of Freemasonry and the revolution that will lead Russia to the death: "Orthodoxy is the spirit of the Russian people, it - a cornerstone of Russian statehood. The enemies of Orthodoxy has always and invariably enemies of Russia and the Russian people. The pastors of the Church and all enlightened Russian Orthodox people! Let us stand firmly on guard orthodoxy and, according to his understanding, and we will defend it against all enemies open and secret. " His fate there is no information.