Factory 81

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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of Birth : Detroit, Michigan, USA

Citizenship : United States


According to the musicians,their music style can be termed as "pulling the metal sound of" Factory 81 glorious hardcore followers of commands, such as Earth Crisis, Hatebreed and Strife.

Here is such a "hybrid" and released in 1999, his debut album "of mankind" on the MEDEA RECORDSThe following year, the album was re-released with added tracks from live performance.Many critics listening to CD is praised, that are very happy group.

- The album is a mix of madness and aggression, but at the same time a feeling of sadness and anxiety in general multilevel music, so to say.

Music Factory 81 chem-vaguely similar to the deftones, tool, something on the Vision of disorder. This album is like a bomb,you listen to it while burning wick.

By Nathan, vocalist, gives a special tone to his voice, the rising tone of voice, the voice opuskaya.Ego truly unique. The closest comparison that I could use with his voice, perhaps it Chino Moreno, or J Maynard Keenan, but this is only partly, because the voice of Chino,and even more Maynard`a unlikely someone will be able to copy.

guitar work is also something interesting, a lot of the dynamics using distortion, open chords, squealing, mixed coherent constant rhythm, definitely something in their music making.

Bass guitar as it controls the songBut not present in a particular music track except hidden.Drums are partially dampened and downtuned sounds, and does not really fit into the dynamics of the guitar, but still have a very good and Andy even ritm.Ego drums sound as confident as the melody. I was particularly impressed with Nathan`s vocals on a hidden track. Critics say,"With such tallantlivym voice need to use a shade of sadness and full of remorse," then the music becomes quite bezuprechnoy.Vozmozhno it will be in their new album As one man "Factory 81 impregnated Tallant"

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