Evgeniya Bosh

Picture of Evgeniya Bosh

Date of Birth: 08/11/1879

Age: 45

Citizenship: Russia


Despite the birth of two daughters and family troubles, she graduated from high school as an external student, continued self-education, preparation for delivery to the title of national teacher exam. In the late 90-ies. 19. I met with the Social Democrats. From 1901 he was a member. RSDLP, after the 2nd Congress of the Party (1903) Bolshevik. At the beginning of 1907, breaking with her husband and taking the children to the mother left in Kiev. Since the end of 1909 one of the leaders of the Kyiv city organization of the RSDLP. In 1910 he established a correspondence org-tion with VI Lenin and NK Krupskaya. On Feb. Secretarial 1911. Kiev to-ta RSDLP. April 18. 1912 was arrested, sentenced to exile in Irkutsk province. In October. 1914 with G.L.Pyatakovym Bosch fled from exile and in Japan, they emigrated to the United States. In Feb. 1915 to Lenin`s invitation to come to Bern to attend the 1st Conf. TRAVEL. Sections of the RSDLP. Bosh went to the Editor then. "Communist", but after the 1-2 number magazine was closed party Central Committee because of serious differences with Lenin in nat. NI question Bukharin, Pyatakov and Bosh, to- opposed the right of nations to self-determination. In con. 1915 moved to Stockholm, then in Christiania (Oslo).

After the February. Revolution of 1917, a telegram of congratulations on the occasion of the victory of the Revolution of received from AF Kerensky, who knew Bosch. I provided it to one of the first Bolshevik emigrants arrive in Petrograd. March 13, reported the Bureau of the Central Committee of the RSDLP content of the telegram of Lenin, to-Rui received before leaving for Petrograd Time of no confidence. pr-woo. March 23 came to Kiev and was elected to the mountains. to-ta RSDLP Affairs. Kyiv Council RD, came to the editorial board of the Bolshevik. gas. "Voice of the Social-Democrat", the Commission on the development platform of the Kiev org-tion of the Bolsheviks, to the paradise was published. April 9. in the "Voice of the Social-Democrat." It said: "We believe that the development of the productive forces and the social power of the proletariat has not reached the level at which the working class can carry out the socialist revolution. Establishing sotsialisticheskoego system, which is the ultimate goal of our work, therefore, is not included in the number of tasks ..." this revolution. In the discussion at the Kyiv-to those of Lenin in April. theses Bosh joined the majority, recognize their "generally unacceptable." On the 7 th (April) All-Russian Conference of the RSDLP (b) under the influence of the arguments of Lenin and reports from Bosch locations voted for their approval and subsequently actively facilitated their positions in life. Bosch sharply negative attitude to the Centre. Rada without taking into account the scope of nat. movement. In April, Bosh led the South-West. District in July - the South-West. region. RSDRGKb to-t), in May, August. and September. its elected tsp. Kiev Mountains. for-tat game. Affairs. 6th Congress RSDRGKb) (July 26 -. August 3), it is entirely shared his decision. The report on the Congress at the Kiev obschegor. Bolshevik conference August 6. Bosh criticized Pyatakov and his followers for failing to prepare for the armament. the struggle for Soviet power: Conference its offer to support the decisions of the Congress of the RSDLP (b).

Bosh denied any contact with the Center. Rada. Kyiv to condemn t-Bolsheviks for the entry of its representatives on August 9. Center. Radu. Even more harsh criticism Bosh led before entering. Kiev to-ta RSDLP (b) Piatakov performing gene. LG Kornilov in the coalition. "KT for the Protection of the Revolution of." Bosch was the initiator of the 24 and 26 September. emergency meetings obschegor. conference of the Bolsheviks, to the paradise after its report Piatakov decided to withdraw from the Pre-Parliament. In October. Bosch has traveled almost all the major org-tion RSDLP (b) South-West. Territory, conducted a wide campaign in the army; during its participation any region. bureau military. org-tion RSDLP (Bolsheviks and internationalists) South-West. Front desk and org-tion of the 8th Army Room. Front.

By the time of October. armament. Bosch uprising in Petrograd was in the winery, which has become one of the leaders of Soldiers. rebellion "against the forces of the Provisional. Prospect Island. At a time when command of the South-West. Front sent to Vinnitsa punitive force with artillery and armored cars, Bosch, on behalf of the Revolutionary Committee left for help of the 2nd Guards. Corps 7th Army, stationed in the district of Zhmerinka. By October 31. uprising in Vinnitsa was put down by troops ACCESSED. prospect Island. on the night of 1 to Nov. 2. with the active participation of Bosch in the 2 nd Guard. casing was formed Military Revolutionary Committee sent the part of the body in neighboring towns. Nov 2. Owls. power was established in Zhmerinka, Nov 4, in the winery. Very condemned the attempt to compromise the Kiev Bolsheviks with the Centre. Rada, joining representatives of the mountains. to-ta RSDLP (b) and the Council established Rada 25 October. "Regional to-t for the protection of the Revolution of" recognition of Center. Rada authority regional authorities provided all power on the ground to the Soviets. Bosch thought it confuses the masses at a decisive moment in the struggle for Soviet power. Already on October 26. Center . Parliament has violated a promise not to oppose an armed. uprising in Petrograd and condemned it. The Bolsheviks immediately terminated the agreement and came out of the "K-ta for the Protection of the Revolution of."

On str. (Edge) Congress of the RSDLP (b) (3 5dek., Kiev), to-ing is the first step towards the creation of the CP (B) U, Bosch was elected member of. Ch. K-ta RSDLP (b) - the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party. In November - December, participated in the preparation of the 1st Vseukr. Congress of Soviets. Following the breakdown of the work of the Congress of Soviets in Kiev is extremely complicate the situation in connection with an application for the Bolsheviks S. Petliura`s telegram of SNK of the RSFSR "a declaration of war against Ukraine," as he put it, without reading the whole "Manifesto to the Ukrainian. People with an ultimatum requirements Ukr. Rade", the delegates - the Bolsheviks, the Left Ukr. Social-Democrats, the Left Ukr. Revolutionaries and a group of representatives of the Peasant "splits", decided to break with the Centre. Rada, went to Kharkov, where delegates were united region. Congress of Soviets RNC Donetsk and Krivoy Rog basin. Worked here 1st Vseukr. Congress of Soviets (December 11-12., Kharkov) Bosch chose a member of the CEC of the Soviets of the republic.

The first Soviet government of Ukraine - People`s Secretariat - Bosch took the post of National Secretary of the Interior. December 30 at a meeting of the People`s Secretariat participated in the discussion on the situation in Kiev and the plan of the armed uprising, and January 4, 1918, together with other folk secretaries signed an appeal to all workers and Red Guards of the Republic, in which he said: "On behalf of the Ukrainian People`s Republic to announce the General Secretariat Central Rada enemy of free Ukrainian people call and command all the best case worker-peasant revolution against the bourgeois forces to fight the Kiev Secretariat of the Central Rada and Kaledin ... "(" Victory Owls. power in Ukraine ", Moscow, 1967, p. 406) . The fighting with the armed forces of the Central Rada were held by Soviet troops under the command of VA Antonov-Ovseenko who became appoint commissioners to the city and the railway station without the consent of the People`s Secretariat. Bosch immediately complained to Lenin, who in a telegram dated 21 January demanded that Antonov-Ovseenko eliminate friction with the Kharkov CEC, adding: "It is paramount to public respect. For God`s sake, make peace with them and recognize them all but the sovereignty" (Lenin VI, MSS, v. 50, p. 35).

On January 20, 1918 participated in the work took place in Kharkov, Ukrainian peasant conference acted with the report "The Ukrainian government and the Constituent Assembly." Taking an overview of the main events in Russia between February and October 1917, Bosh said: "The fight was supposed to end the transfer of power into the hands of the working class, which is what we see in Great Russia, where power has passed into the hands of the working people, into the hands of their organizations - the Soviets SRKD. ... We have to go all out, do not stop at nothing, and ultimately stifle the power of capitalism. " Speaking about Ukrainian Constituent Assembly, Bosch has expressed the opinion that it can not protect the interests of the people because of their class composition; here: "The people must defeat the bourgeoisie, it has no place in the state ... the state power must be Great People`s Commissars, the People`s Secretariat of Ukraine, Tips RKD on the ground" ( "Victory Owls. power in Ukraine", p. 384).

Participant of the 4th Extraordinary Congress of Soviets RSKD (March 1918). Bosch did not accept the Brest peace, standing on "communist left" position. Considering it necessary to continue the armed defense of the Soviet power in Ukraine, Bosch went to the post of National Secretary of the Interior, has become a political worker in the group VM troops Primakov, but because of the extreme deterioration of health (since childhood suffered heart disease and lung) has been taken out daughter in Taganrog, then - in Lipetsk. Here, Bosch began writing his first book, "The national government and the Soviet government in Ukraine" (Wiley, 1919). In these months of treatment she reconsidered his views on the Brest-Litovsk, "not sparing himself, I openly recognized himself wrong," - she wrote later (Todd fight, "2nd ed., K., 1990, p. 403). Medical treatment, Bosh traveled to Moscow suspended from work in Ukraine after the 1 st Congress of the CP (b) U (July 1918, Moscow), a delegate who she was. she worked in the MC of the RCP (b), the summer was sent to Penza Provincial Committee for the organization of the struggle with the SRs . Then she worked on the instructions of the Central Committee of the party. to sum up a life lived. Bosch called this period the most difficult: "since 1909, I have got used to the self-management experience, accustomed to think independently, make decisions and act, only comparing their solutions with all-party; then I had to act on the instructions of the Central Committee and, worst of all, not being able to prove the correctness of the Central Committee of their actions ... I finally broke down, putting on their shoulders the burdens ... "(ibid, p. 407). As a result of worsening the disease in the spring of 1923 withdrew from active work: Bosch has concentrated power in the writing of the second book - year struggle. The struggle for power in Ukraine since April. 1917 to him. occupation "(2nd ed .. K, 1990). When the disease (heart disease, cardiac asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis) became unbearable, committed suicide.