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Date of Birth: 05/24/1945

Age: 71

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Bread "in love"

Author: Marina Kuznetsova

Website: Celebrities

- If in the 70s, there is a definition, then you would be called a "sex symbol".

- Yes, though you call a pot, but do not put in the oven. I rarely talk to your colleagues. It is you, journalists, establishes a "star" and "sex symbol".

- Do not like our brother?

- Not in this case ... Today devaluation of the word occurs. It loses its depth, volume and weight. Today all the "stars" and all "sex symbols" - and violent, and Mashkov ... I do not think Smoktunovsky and Batalov would fit this terminology.

- However, after the release of "City of Romance" and "Romance for Lovers" half of the female population of the country was in love with Eugene Kindinova.

- Popularity is inevitable for the actors. Later, you realize that in fact it is a test that is sent to you. A test of the "copper pipes" a hundred times heavier than the trial by fire and water. Love the audience is different. Sometimes a pat on the shoulder: "Come on, come here, have a drink," "please send a photo and address" ... But there were in my life and the other, more pleasant liking - a letter of film reviews, letters of confession, in which young people We talked about his first love, and about its collapse. I realized that not for nothing he gave a half years of his life in the shooting of "Romance for Lovers".

- But you have firmly established role of "young hero-contemporary".

- Thank God that despite the schematic of the social order, my heroes were lyrical characters. Maybe that`s why they sank into the soul.

- Eugene Arsenijevic, what do you think, who now can aspire to the role of a young hero in contemporary cinema? Working boys and radiologist at the film now out of favor. More about bandyukov snimayut.Ne know. Mirrors muddy, face blurred. All and all are subject to irony and a smile. Decadence, destruction. All funny. And it reflects the state of mind of the modern intellectuals. Here is a lucky star we got.

- You pulled into social heroes, as you dreamed about Cyrano, Till Eulenspiegel ... Part of it is realized?

- But not in the film - in the theater. In the 70 years of these scenarios were rare. I had to appear in "Cyrano de Bergerac" Eldar Ryazanov. But the film is closed ... I played one working, second, third and felt suffocating. To live with this stamp became unbearable - the soul asked classics costume roles! But a lot has come true for me in the theater: MEDVIEDENKO played in "The Seagull," Salt in "Three Sisters", Master in "Master and Margarita". Well, I stayed at the Moscow Art Theater, although it was extremely difficult to combine theater and movie shooting. Who it is with great pleasure that I play and the Moscow Art Theatre, and in "Snuff" - Krutitsa in the play "Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man".

- Now it is not a sin to play "on the side". And in 1977, when you played Stanley in "A Streetcar Named" Desire "on the stage of the Izhevsk Drama Theater, in one of the national newspapers appeared" donosnaya "article, where you with a smile called" noble artist ", cited the amount of" fabulous "fee and - oh, horror! - tickets for the show were sold as much as 50 cents more expensive than it should, however, your name memorable in that article mentions only once..

- And it was enough that I was almost driven from the Moscow Art Theater. And in 1982 I was playing in the play on the works of Vasily Shukshin "There, far away" in theater "Sphere". He received three bids for live performance - 39 rubles. But I have not raced for earnings - were hungry for work, I did not have the roles that I tegral of the Moscow Art Theatre. In "Moscow Soviet" Mitya played in "The Brothers Karamazov" - a hundred notices! Then it was easy, it was all "a buzz", saying today`s language.

- You once said: "Talent - a burden at first, and then only gift."

- What good is said. You have to serve what you bestowed by nature. That`s just you know it`s not right. Once the actor begins to think that he is more important than his own talent, then immediately start problems. The roof goes, pride seizes "I nedodat I offer is not something that I can do!" Truly talented person modest.

- You do not shoot in 1986. What happened? Dictatorship of directors, your reluctance or stars came together so tragically?

- Why tragically? I`m grateful. I perceived as a gift to work with Pyotr Todorovski and Andron Konchalovsky. Andron had to fight to approve me for the role of Sergei Nikitin, taking into account the role of my train of correct social heroes. Besides, I was ten years older than my character.

Of course I made mistakes (dizzy) - in his youth was less selective, agreed to star in the film, which was not worth shooting. Already I find the strength to refuse the proposed scenarios "melodramas with a criminal bent." After a 86-year situation has changed, I do not really suited directors who considered themselves nonconformists. I did not want to play more workers, and "left" has never been a rebel.

- So you had to choose between the dust-free life and a very modest existence?

- What are you about?

- About the money. About metal contempt. On salary theater actor did not poshikuesh.

- And I have never had a rich life prospects. Under Soviet rule, working honestly, it was impossible to become rich or wealthy man. You can not! Fee from the "Romance ..." I did not have to buy a "Moskvich". I have served half of the amount. But the film only in the country of 15 million viewers watched. Here, for example, Shirley MacLaine, too, is not particularly removed. But she secured a comfortable old age. Tanya Samoilova (actress no less bright), as I have heard, it is difficult to live. The government has kept us all in check.

- You broke up with the cinema without any regrets?

- I hope that the final breakup did not happen. Or maybe offer something interesting. I was able, I think, to realize themselves in the theater. Perhaps that is why it was easier to survive the abrupt changes in the movie, I could with a clear conscience refuse to complete bullshit. But "pure" cinema actors have fared badly. Vladimir Ivashov later years worked in construction, cars dragged.

- And no he did not offer a helping hand. There was a man, no man ...

- I once tried to persuade Volodya come in MAT ... But he did not want to. Maybe he was afraid to be in the theater is not at such a high level, like in the movies. A lot of broken destinies, extinct eyes ... And I`m looking for the last few years all over the calm eyes. Not indifferent, not a "pofigistskie" and calm. Glowing inner harmony. Separation of the citizens with respect to the thickness of the purse, because such eyes, I often met people of modest means ...

- Of course. What do they care? Losing something is nothing but their chains. And those long ago demolished in a pawnshop.

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