Evgeniy Jarikov

Picture of Evgeniy Jarikov

Date of Birth: 02/26/1941

Age: 70

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Zharikov Evgeniy Ilich born February 26, 1941 in Moscow. The family lived their difficult because Eugene was sent to her grandmother in Sergiev Posad, where he went to school. After graduating from it in 1959, it is against the wishes of his father entered VGIK, Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova course. He made his debut in a movie actor in 1960 in the film Julia Reisman "And if this is love?", And the following year played a major role - Lieutenant Galtseva - in the film by Andrei Tarkovsky`s "Ivan`s Childhood". A year later, followed by a role in the comedy Vadim Henry Oganesyan`s "Three Plus Two" (1963), which had a huge success with the audience. After graduating from VGIK Zharikov in 1964-66, he worked in television of the GDR, and returned to the Soviet Union, he continued to appear much. On the set of the film "Beside these windows" actor met with Natalia Gvozdikova, who became his wife in a few years. In 1974, Yevgeny Zharikov played perhaps the most well-known role in the Soviet cinema - Nikolai Kondratiev teleepopei of the Militia "born of the revolution" staged by Grigory Kohan. Among the other works of the actor in the movie, you can mention historical - I.Gosteva "Grey Wolves", where he played Alexander Shelepin and L.Maryagina "Trotsky". In 1988, Eugene Zharikova elected president of the Guild of Actors of Soviet cinema (since 1991 it is known as the Guild of Russian film actors), and now he gives a lot of energy activity in this difficult post, virtually ceased to act.