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Date of Birth: 03/11/1934

Age: 74

Place of Birth: Pinsk

Citizenship: Russia

circle interrupted 74-year-old single traveler

Born Eugene A. Gvozdev in 1934 in the Belarusian city of Pinsk. Father took the boy in 1937, and from Stalin`s torture chambers, he never returned. Ros Eugene with his mother, but in the years of the Great Patriotic War during the bombing died and she, and he lived in a distant relative. After graduating from the Naval College in Astrakhan, Gvozdyov started work on ships, and in the position of the ship`s mechanic, he spent more than three decades.

Yachtsmen Gvozdyov became in the late 1970s, it became the first yacht home-made single-deck yacht, which is built from Eugene put ashore old whaleboat.

He named his ship `Getan` name of this composition of Eugene and his family name - Gvozdyov Eugene (CGU), his wife Tatiana (T), the son of Alexander (A) and daughter Natalia (H). So, on his yacht, he crossed to the beginning of the Caspian Sea, and later estimated he crossed the Caspian Sea about 50 times.

July 7, 1992 Yevgeny Gvozdev embarked on his first circumnavigation on his new yacht, called `Lena`. It was a small boat, 5,5 meters long, and its round the world became in its own record, as Gvozdev was the first to commit such on such a small boat. The journey was quite dangerous - in August 1995, in the waters of Somalia (Somali) he was attacked local pirates, robbed and nearly killed.

Swimming safely ended July 19, 1996.

The second time Gvozdyov went to circumnavigation of May 17, 1999, he sailed from Makhachkala, where he lived with his family. His ship was the 3.7-meter yacht `Said`, and later it was named the smallest sailing yacht, which was held on the Strait of Magellan. By the way, it is the last three years preparing and repairing his yacht, sewed sails, sizing and preparing for the next trip. At this time, the traveler would have 65 years. At sea Gvozdyov met and the new millennium, it was just before the entrance to the Strait of Magellan. The second circumnavigation was completed in 50 months July 10, 2003.

However, this did not stop Gvozdyov. So, on his new 5.5-meter yacht named `2` Gota Gvozdyov 74-year-old went to another circumnavigation swim September 19, 2008, starting in Novorossiysk. Alas, this trip was not to be completed safely. In October Gvozdyov reported that safely crossed the Black Sea, and in late November he got into a violent storm off the coast of Italy. Communication with the captain interrupted on December 1 and the next day, 2 December 2008, the Italian sailors found on the beach body of Yevgeny Gvozdev. His yacht Gota `2` was found near her captain a few days.

Thus ended the life of the courageous Russian seafarer who brought worldwide fame to the Russian yachting. In memory of his yacht EvgeniiGvozd

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