Evgeniy Gilbo

Picture of Evgeniy Gilbo

Date of Birth: 12/20/1965

Age: 50

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Evgenij Guilbaud born on December 20, 1965 in Leningrad. He graduated in 1983 physico-mathematical school number 30, in 1989 - LETI on a specialty "Applied Mathematics". Additional education in the field of psychology was outside the Soviet system, thanks to the participation of prof. N.N.Traugott and Corr. G.V.Gershuni USSR Academy of Sciences, director of the Paris Institute of Psychoanalysis Leon Shertoka; in the field of ethno-psychology and ethnogenesis - thanks to the participation of prof. LNGumilev; in the field of economy - through the participation of prof. V.K.Bekleshova, in sociology - through the participation of prof. I.P.Yakovleva and prof. S.A.Kugelya. Thesis is devoted to modeling of cognitive activity in the brain (Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and academician A.G.Shepovalnikova laboratory).

After LETI worked at the Institute of History of Science and Technology of the USSR Academy of Sciences, he studied the history of psychoanalysis and alchemy. He was engaged in the promotion of psychoanalysis in the scientific and popular scientific periodicals, Russian psychoanalytic tradition. Applying the techniques of psychoanalysis to the problems of epistemology put forward the concept of "epistemological pluralism", based on the idea of ??indissoluble unity of generic cognitive features of the person of the scientist and the research method, the unity of the subject and method. He proposed the concept of school reform, based on the introduction of "emotional pedagogy", a system of complex effects on the child`s personality, alternative breech subject-pourochnye scheme.

Studying the history of alchemy, I put forward the concept that alchemy is not a forerunner of chemistry due to the irreducibility as the subject and method of these sciences; revealed the nature of alchemy as a systematic discipline that studies the complex, systemic exposure by nature, can not be reduced to study modern science instruments.

Author popular in the late `80s and early` 90s science fiction novels "The Adventures of Space Ranger." In the late `80s and became known as a popular journalist, known for vibrant publications in the "rush hour", "Change", "Novaya Gazeta". Winner of the Public Prize "The Best Young Journalist" 1989, "The sharp pen" in 1990.

Since 1991 - Vice-President of the Leningrad Psychoanalytic Society.

In 1989-91 commercially engaged in the development of automatic control system for St. Petersburg enterprises. In 1989, together with her mother participated in the organization of the Leningrad Popular Front since 1991 - chairman of the inter-district northwest of the Coordinating Council of "Democratic Russia".

Since 1991 - Head of the Centre for the development of comprehensive economic programs "Modernization". In 1991 he led the development of a program of economic and social reforms, presented Boris Yeltsin, was sharply critical of the program by Jeffrey Sachs and Grigory Yavlinsky, based on the neo-conservative ( "monetarist") economic paradigm. Accurately predict the negative impacts of a proposed action by Jeffrey Sachs.

After the adoption of Boris Yeltsin decision on implementation of the program by Jeffrey Sachs is working closely with the High Council, is developing measures to minimize the damage caused by the implementation of the Sachs-Gaidar`s policies. In October 1992, he writes "Professional claims to the government" for the attention of deputies work, which justifies the need to remove from power the Gaidar-Chubais group. After the fall of the government headed by Gaidar in higher economic groups on the development of an alternative program of reform of the Council, taking into account the need to compensate for the damage the economy in the two years of damage.

In 1993 - Advisor to the Vice-President of the Republic and A.V.Rutskogo V.S.Sokolova Council. Actively proves the necessity of deepening reforms, immediate synthesis of the modern financial system, the transition to a post-industrial economic structure, rejection of Boris Yeltsin`s policy of continued implementation of the program of Jeffrey Sachs and the formation of raw monocultural economy.

After the coup of 21 September, 1993 firmly on the side of the legitimate authorities, condemned the coup, it comes from the movement "Democratic Russia" in protest at its support for the coup leadership. Vsledza E.V.Gilbo movement of leaves and led them to the inter-district organization.

In 1994, together with V.S.Sokolovym involved in establishing the movement "Creation", the purpose of which was to unite all the constructive forces of Russia. This goal proved elusive under taken by Yeltsin in the run-up to the course of elections to defeat the non-communist opposition and the polarization of society. However V.S.Sokolovym submit to the State Duma, developed under the joint leadership of the specialists of the Center "modernization" alternative draft federal budget for 1994, and then - for the years 1995, 1996, together with the program of active economic and social policies, deepening of reforms.

After the defeat of the constructive forces in 1995 and the dramatic increase pressure on E.V.Gilbo from the presidential security service left Moscow and continued management of the Centre "Modernization" in St. Petersburg, is engaged in fundamental research, journalism. It continues the practice of submission to the State Duma of the alternative federal budget for 1997 and 1998. Since 1998, when the collapse of the program by Jeffrey Sachs and Yeltsin`s strategy becomes clear, it directs its Centre for the development of a comprehensive anti-crisis program and the modernization of the country after the fall of October 4th. In 1999, it offers a comprehensive program of transport infrastructure development in Russia to change its geopolitical position and the economic and strategic benefits of such a change.

Since 1999 E.V.Gilbo - Vice-President of the International Practical Psychology Internship (ISfPP) in Berlin.

In 2000 E.V.Gilbo creates a project of distance education "School of effective leaders" focused on the formation of the Russian-speaking sector of the world post-industrial elite at the opening of the Russian-speaking young people to access elite knowledge in business, self-control, manage individual and mass consciousness and the unconscious, macroeconomics , management and metamenedzhmenta. This project has become the most productive Russian-speaking project of distance education. Although the active actions of interested parties aimed at the destruction of the project, provided training to several hundred leaders who are capable of effective action on implementation of the strategic objectives.

Since 2001 E.V.Gilbo working on a World Russian University of distance education, the purpose of which is the opening of the Russian-speaking young people access to quality education and personal competitive advantages that would allow it to take a good competitive position in the global economy and human society as a whole.

In 2002 E.V.Gilbo leads a team to develop a program of association of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in order to create the Subject of Federation with high investment attractiveness and focused on economic recovery legislation. Since 2003, directs the Information Holding "Space of Freedom" (Liberty Space Group), providing a wide range of services in branding, industrial and political PR, training of specialists in the mass consciousness of indirect management methods.

In 1996 and 2003 E.V.Gilbo nominate candidates for the post of Governor of St. Petersburg. In both cases, successfully used the campaign to draw attention to the major social projects.

E.V.Gilbo initiated the development of an action program "Real World", whose objectives are to stimulate the action of the Russian authorities to the defense, economic and demographic policy, more adequate geopolitical situation in Asia, and in the case of maintaining the current policy - the development of adaptation measures Russian-speaking population to the realities that will arise after the Chinese invasion.

Since 2004 E.V.Gilbo is the President of the International Academy of Humanitarian Technologies. Since 2006 - co-chairman of the Russian-German philosophical community.

In private life E.V.Gilbo loves traveling, is interested in architecture, continuing classes in psychology, journalism and history. Constantly live in the city of Frankfurt.